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traveling by wheeled vehicle such as bicycle or automobile e.g.

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Awheel change put her out of contention and instead of Cooke and Vos being up against two Swedes and two Germans, it became a Swede - Beijing silver medallist Emma Johansson - and Germany's former world champion Arndt and Worrack.
AWHEEL TEST: Les Long and Ken Evans will cycle for 10 days from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.
The current way of insuring or dissuading young lads from being behind awheel is totally discriminatory.
And when he then lost awheel from his golf trolley, the defending champ's bid for back-to-back titles was thrown totally off course.
When awheel locks up it loses control and it skidded into the path of the oncoming vehicle.
THERE is a joy that few will know, A joy that I can truly say I feel, Each time I leave the stress of city streets, And tour the leafy country lanes awheel.
There is comedy of the cruder kind in "Confessions of a Driving Instructor" X (Warwick); action awheel with "Dirty Mary-Crazy Larry" X (Plazs); with "Murder by Death" X (Beaufort); "Legend of the Werewolf" X (Odeon Sutton) and "The Devil's Men" X (Kings).
Our team is nicknamed the Toffees in celebration of a delightful humbug, while supporters of Corporacion Deportiva Everton are the Ruleteros, or the men who gamble on the spinning of awheel.