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  • verb

Synonyms for await

be in store for


  • be in store for
  • wait for
  • be ready for
  • lie in wait for
  • be in readiness for

Synonyms for await

Synonyms for await

look forward to the probable occurrence of

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Commander Barton and Adjutant Wilson included visits to Mologne and Fisher Houses, domiciliaries adjacent to Walter Reed where wounded service members who no longer require hospitalization can stay while they await additional surgeries or rehabilitation.
Unlike the rich man in the parable, we have been told what awaits us if we do not treat creation more gently.
The projects slow going had executives at Columbus Circle LLC worried, but now happy with the intended design, the development team awaits the project's completion.
The Hart Bronco baseball team has advanced to the finals of the Western Zone at York Field Park in Whittier, where it awaits the winner of Monday's losers' bracket final between Fountain Valley and Hawaii.
In order to minimize operating costs and effective today RSI has shutdown its operations and laid off 24 employees as it awaits these test results prior to processing the 4,000 tonnes of inventory that it currently has on hand.
Effective immediately and given that the construction and commissioning are now complete, BEI has decided to lay off 11 employees while it awaits delivery of contaminated soil necessary for the compliance test.
The well has been completed and awaits a pipeline connection.
One Comanche well awaits completion while drilling continues on the other.
A final rating decision awaits clarity on these points, which remain unquantifiable at this time.
The 15-year-old space station is expected to pass over Japan before plummeting into the South Pacific, where the Taco Bell floating target awaits its descent.
Additionally, JABA awaits drilling startup later in May as part of a joint venture with Valerie Gold Resources Ltd.
The company awaits the balance of funding to procure the balance of mining equipment required, and dispatch geologist to complete evaluation of the mine site opening.
WPI has been informed that its EL 1184 Wamum tenement and BHP's tenement, EL1014 Ofi Creek, has received Papua New Guinea Mining Advisory Board approval and awaits ministerial approval.
The Company awaits documentation and accounting from Yuma in order to pursue final definitive agreements and proportionate project financing.
Westward plans extensive exploration on the property, most likely a drill program next year, and meanwhile awaits the finalization of forest roadworks in the area which will facilitate access to the property.