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expected hopefully

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The captive awaited a moment, for the commotion to subside, and then turning again to Le Balafre, he continued, in tones conciliating and kind, as if he felt the propriety of softening his refusal, in a manner not to wound the pride of one who would so gladly be his benefactor--
Mahtoree, who had awaited such a movement among his fellows, with the wary design of concealing his own jealous hatred, soon grew weary of delay, and, by a glance of his eye, encouraged the tormentors to proceed.
He recalled the scene within the temple when he had lain stretched upon the sacrificial altar, while La, with high-raised dagger, stood above him, and the rows of priests and priestesses awaited, in the ecstatic hysteria of fanaticism, the first gush of their victim's warm blood, that they might fill their golden goblets and drink to the glory of their Flaming God.
Results of remaining wards of MC Rajanpur are awaited.
Touching on the presidential dossier, the lawmaker regretted that the Lebanese political teams awaited foreign solutions to resolve the presidential quandary.
Brazil's troubled airline Varig grounded 86 of 139 flights scheduled for Tuesday as it awaited a new auction now set for Thursday to sell the carrier and avert a potential collapse.
The long awaited Atalanta Building by Canal and the Holland tunnel opens for sales soon, while 169 Hudson opens in two weeks.
As many as 41 shops have been sealed in Punjab and compliance from other provinces is still awaited.
On Monday, coach Wendall Worth awaited word on his status.
Jan Smith, a member of the Simi Valley Historical Society and Museum, said the repairs of the Simi Adobe/Strathearn Historical Victorian Home have been long awaited.