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an abrupt change in the course of a stream that forms the boundary between two parcels of land resulting in the loss of part of the land of one landowner and a consequent increase in the land of another

a forcible tearing or surgical separation of one body part from another

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Brachial plexus avulsion injury (BPAI) represents one of the most devastating injuries of the upper extremity, and nerve transfer is the most frequently used method in restoring upper limb function for such serious lesion.
A partial avulsion can reduce pain and morbidity, and can be done by two different methods: the partial proximal avulsion, and the "trap door" avulsion.
This article aims to highlight our experience of managing 12 cases of comminuted lower pole avulsion fractures with traditional method of partial patellectomy with patellar tendon repair by transosseus sutures as there is not much of published data.
Pelvic and proximal femur avulsion fractures tend to occur during the second decade of life.
Proximal hamstring avulsion injuries: a technique note on surgical repairs.
7] In avulsion, damage to PDL is more severe, and hence, replacement resorption is evident in most of the cases.
There are various treatment modalities from conservative methods to surgical methods like nail avulsion.
As following an avulsion injury, the pulpal tissue is cut off from its neurovascular supply.
Prompt and appropriate actions that can be undertaken immediately after dental injuries can increase survival rates of injured tooth, particularly in complicated cases such as avulsion.
Although Carlstedl et al19 have tried repairing roots into the ventral spinal cord and Bertelli and Ghizoni20 have reported the direct replantation of the nerve graft into the spinal cord with some promising results, the surgical treatment of choice for brachial plexus root avulsion is nerve transfer.
Moreover, the channel avulsion ofdifferent nalas in Kurram River also indicates that area is structurally and seismologically active.
There were also 20 patients who were assisted for major cases like seizures, low blood pressure, avulsion on foot, multiple abrasion, difficulty of breathing and chest pain.
And when compared with healthy individuals, these injuries clearly signal that repetitive spinal trauma is a unique risk factor for the disease (especially when it produces some type of spinal motor neuron constriction and or avulsion upon reinjury).
A new evaluation system for early and successful conservative treatment for acute ischial tuberosity avulsion.
La avulsion dental es la exarticulacion completa de un diente de su alveolo causada por una lesion accidental o no accidental (1).