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separate by avulsion

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We were concerned that endotracheal intubation might avulse the polyp and push it more distally, raising the risk of a ball-valve effect lower in the airway or bleeding.
Some injuries avulse or rupture 80-100% of the plexus roots.
Care must be taken to avoid excessive traction during the enucleation phase in order to maintain hemostasis and to not prematurely avulse the fibroid.
Over time, foreshortened ULCs might buckle, collapse, or avulse, resulting in an asymmetric dorsum, an illusion of deviation, the potential for nasal valve compromise, and airway obstruction (figure 1).
When a patient pushes and is complete for 2+ hours, perineums are overstretched, pudendal nerve fibers avulse, and we have what prompted this letter.