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Synonyms for avow

Synonyms for avow

to recognize, often reluctantly, the reality or truth of

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for avow

to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

admit openly and bluntly


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TCSM--T Turbine Component Super Market--has published a flyer describing its services while avowing that it is the leader in affordable used and new gas turbine parts.
Some 1,750 years ago St Alban was beheaded for avowing his faith.
Writing from the position of an engaged subject formed by the epistemological regime he desires to reconstitute, Moxey invokes Michel Foucault (as well as Roland Barthes, Judith Butler, and Joan Scott), avowing that the production of knowledge originates in discursive practices that are culturally embedded and constitutive of cultural meaning.