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Synonyms for avow

Synonyms for avow

to recognize, often reluctantly, the reality or truth of

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for avow

to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

admit openly and bluntly


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And I may now avow, Mr Clennam,' said he, with a cordial shake of the hand, 'that if I had looked high and low for a partner, I believe I could not have found one more to my mind.
It may seem less unreasonable, if I avow to you that although I don't know Mr Lightwood, I have a disagreeable association connected with him.
Acting in this spirit, and resolutely proceeding on our determination to avow our obligations to the authorities we have consulted, we frankly say, that to the note-book of Mr.
He frankly avows such suspicions, in his letter to Mr.
The Daily Post also understands another trustee board member has resigned - but when asked Avow chief executive John Gallenders wouldn't be drawn on that yesterday.
AVOW chiefs are responsible for making this woman's life a misery, for no good reason, and behaving in a reprehensible fashion.
She had previously worked for AVOW for a short period in 2007, when she had unsuccessfully asked for the office lighting to be changed to help reduce the migraine attacks.
I learned from the Jesuits not just to accept what is given to you but to think about it," he told The Advocate during rehearsals for Avow (by Bill C.
As representatives from AVOW have given presentations to Cefn Community Council and at the Plas Madoc Community Open day arranged by the Welsh Assembly Government attended by over 100 people there have been ample opportunities for people from within the community to discuss any issues or concerns.
An AVOW spokesman said the organisation was: "At the community open day arranged by the Welsh Assembly Government to inform the residents of Plas Madoc of developments and to alleviate any fears that anyone may have had about continuing service provision.
This would be undertaken with a new funding contract between WAG and AVOW, and it is hopeful that this will be in place from 1st July 2011.
Following the recent scandal which hit the scheme, Avow officials said it was essential to ensure robust arrangements were in place: "To be certain that public money is used in the right way to benefit the community".
Avow will hold a general meeting on Friday at 12 noon at Ty Avow, Egerton Street, Wrexham.
Contact the volunteer centre at Avow, 21 Egerton Street, Wrexham.
Avow has funding available for 2007 and is inviting applications by the end of February for the next grants round.