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Synonyms for avoidable



Synonyms for avoidable

capable of being avoided or warded off

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Deaths are considered avoidable if they could have been prevented by public health interventions, or through effective and timely healthcare.
Mohammad Azmat Shigeyuki Ataka, Adviser-Resource Development Friends of Burns Centre talking to reporter Thursday said there is a growing realization that burn injuries are often consequent to avoidable errors aggravated due to lack of knowledge.
Dubai: An international developmental organisation that deals with avoidable blindness plans to partner with Noor Dubai and carry out preventive screening of over one million people and conduct 70,000 cataract surgeries by next year.
This is the black box thinking that author Matthew Syed has been championing as a way to improve standards of safety and care in the NHS and Matthew also deserves a lot of credit for challenging the medical profession over the supposed inevitability of avoidable harm.
This year's theme, 'Universal Eye Health: No More Avoidable Blindness,' was designed to strengthen public awareness on the importance of proper eye care and promote the prevention of avoidable blindness, which is a serious public health issue of global magnitude.
Avoidable deaths are placed into two categories: preventable and amenable.
In 2014, 116,489 of the total 501,424 deaths were from causes considered potentially avoidable.
In 2013, 1 in 10 Alzheimer's disease patients had at least one potentially avoidable hospitalization, and 1 in 7 hospital admissions among these patients (14%) was for a potentially avoidable condition," she said during a press briefing.
The Australian Government and the Fred Hollows Foundation jointly funded the hostel under the Pakistan Australia Prevention of Avoidable Blindness (PAPAB) project at the cost of PKR 75 million.
The registered provider, St Anne's Community Services, based in Leeds, pleaded guilty to an offence of failing to provide safe care and treatment resulting in avoidable harm to a service user.
NEW YORK -- A recent analysis of health care data indicates that about $16 billion is spent annually to treat potentially avoidable complications of diabetes.
Heart attacks (184,800 deaths) and strokes (almost 94,000 deaths) accounted together for almost half (48 per cent) of the total avoidable causes of death of people aged less than 75 in the bloc.
The exhibition ntends to bring to the attention of the impact of avoidable blindness to the Commonwealth and the world and has been privately viewed by Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal highness The Prince of Wales.
A study released by Statistics Canada says 70 per cent of all deaths in Canada that occur before age 75 could have been avoided, and that avoidable mortality among Aboriginal people is disproportionate.
CareSage combines actionable insights with wearable medical alert devices to help reduce avoidable hospitalizations of elderly patients, keeping them at home and independent.