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100 avos equal 1 pataca in Macao

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Avo Avo's menu is a clever combination of healthful dishes for those whose bodies are temples, and OTT treats for crazy fools.
Al aplicar el analisis de varianza referente a las propiedades del fluido base AVO y los fluidos patrones (formulados con Vassa y Gasoil), la prueba arrojo un P-valor inferior a 0,05 en todas las propiedades estudiadas (TABLA 6), esto significa que existen diferencias estadisticamente significativas entre las medias de las variables, a un nivel de confianza del 95%.
It's all they can do to handle the projects and activities under way in their AVO, without adding another layer of information.
The company intends to use the proceeds of the disposal of its investment in AVO for general working capital purposes to further its investing policy.
O estudo tem como objetivo investigar o processo de psicoterapia psicanalitica de uma crianca que esta sob a guarda da avo, e apontar as percepcoes da crianca quanto a este processo, bem como a representacao do papel desta avo em sua vida.
ADX also expects that the additional data will further derisk the prospect with the associated AVO gas anomaly which is overlying a significantly large structure that is interpreted as potentially oil bearing.
Prior to the elections, the AVO meeting will take place to discuss reports on the organisation's previous programmes and plans for the next two years.
My fortnight done, I expected to hand the reins back to a suitably sun-tanned Avo.
O pardo nascido na Bahia e heroi de guerra, Manuel Goncalves Doria, cujo avo materno foi identificado como um mulato da Madeira, foi cuidadosamente pesquisado.
The computer gives the BAMS 326 AVO a recommended maneuver to keep the two aircraft at a safe distance; it continuously calculates the closest point of approach and recommended course of action.
Avo Photonics recently began offering design, development and manufacturing services for TO-can packages, including TO-38 assembly.
in addition to video for entertainment, 1394's high signaling rate can accommodate video from collision avo idance systems that needs to stay uncompressed to avoid compromising signal integrity.
To avo id aggravating the victim's injuries or hindering extraction efforts, Lieutenant KIug and Officer Kiser stayed at the vehicle with the victim and monitored the rising water until medical and emergency personnel arrived.
Michael spends way too much time hanging around with the boys, a bunch of small-time crooks led by hot-headed Avo (Shant Bejanian).
So under the city's SmartHome Energy and Water Audits Program, city conservation specialists Josh Gould and Avo Avedis Atnalian are taking their wisdom to local residents' homes.