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Synonyms for avifaunal

of or relating to birds of a particular region or period


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The West Polesie's location at the crossroads of two migratory bird flyways has further enriched the diverse avifaunal population.
THE 8TH Philippine Bird Festival, the country's largest celebration of avifaunal diversity and bird lore awareness, takes wing today in Manila and will bring attention to Manila Bay and the important role it plays in the East Asian Flyway.
Classification of the pans of the western Orange Free State according to vegetation structure, with reference to avifaunal communities.
Changes in avifaunal abundance in a heavily used wintering and migration site in Puget Sound, Washington, during 1966-2007.
Taphonomy and Ecology of Modern Avifaunal Remains from Amboseli Park, Kenya", Paleobiology 29, pp.
Due to the scanty and meager Mesozoic fossil record of birds in South America, the continent is nearly excluded from biogeographical and avifaunal dynamic analyses.
Late Pleistocene avifaunal material from a construction site in Oceanside, California is described.
The combination of remaining coastal marshes, rice farms, and bottomland swamp forests has created a diverse avifaunal landscape.
Avifaunal composition species richness and status in the Tibagi river basin, Parana state, southern Brazil.
Vegetation similarity and avifaunal food value of restored and natural marshes in northern New York.