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of or relating to birds of a particular region or period


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This range expansion appears to be real and not simply the result of lack of knowledge regarding avifaunal distribution at the turn of the century.
However, our data indicate that relative intensity of predation and the impact of peregrine falcons on the developing avifaunal assemblage in this system vary spatially in relation to turbidity and productivity of the ecosystem.
Native Texas avifauna altered by suburban entrapment and a method for assessing natural avifaunal value.
The Philippine Archipelago, comprising >7,000 islands, has high endemism and some of the most unique avifaunal lineages in the world (Mittermeier et al.
Avifaunal survey of the Rio Chipaota Valley in the Cordillera Azul Region, San Martin, Peru.
I briefly summarize the 10-year composition dynamics of avifaunal change with the intent to discourage use of species richness derived from short-term studies in assessments of conservation significance or efficacy of management actions at local sites.
Several have represented new taxa and, as a whole, they are one of the most complete avifaunal surveys developed by any bird collector in the region.
Declines in grassland bird populations have been consistently greater and geographically more widespread than in any other avifaunal group in North America (Knopf 1996, Askins et al.
Dutch avifaunal list: species concepts, taxonomic instability, and taxonomic changes in 1977-1998.
The augmented field border area that results from increased width can also result in enhanced vegetative heterogeneity (Rodenhouse and Best 1983) and subsequently, increased avifaunal density and diversity (Warner 1992).
Habitat and avifaunal recovery from livestock grazing in a riparian meadow system of the northwestern Great Basin.
We also report on a small collection of bird specimens from the western slope of the Campanquiz Range as a basis for comparing the avifaunal communities of the upper and lower humid tropical zones in this region.
Similarities in avifaunal composition are affected by similarity of habitat and distance between localities (Stiles 1983).
Avifaunal surveys were undertaken by three independent teams at field sites using different methods at each site except CICRA and Oceania where the same methods were used.