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the birds of a particular region or period

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Conservation Biology of Hawaiian Forest Birds: Implications for Island Avifauna.
I do not treat the distinctive avifauna of the outer jetties, the breakwater, and the inshore marine environment at Playa del Rey, nor do I include the avifauna of residential Westchester on the bluffs to the south of the Ballona Valley, which, owing to its mature trees and landscaping, has developed a woodland-like avifauna distinct from that of the Ballona Valley (e.
Perhaps the most spectacular of Hawai'i's endemic avifauna is the subfamily of Honeycreepers (Drepanidinae).
El presente estudio se realiz sobre la avifauna de tres comunidades vegetales de la Sierra San Antonio-Pe[+ or -]a Nevada, de junio de 2001 a mayo de 2002.
Applicable standard Technical specification avifauna AVIF / CP index, 18.
Notes are presented expanding primarily upon the summary of the avifauna of Oaxaca by Binford (1989) and, for distributional comparisons, we ascribe to the definition of the Pacific region by Binford (1989).
Over most of southern Australia, entire avifaunas are threatened with extinction and, when allowance is made for regional habitat loss and degradation, 30-90% of bird species across the continent have declined in abundance,' he says
22, Evolution, Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Hawaiian Birds: AVanishing Avifauna.
Oklahoma birds: their ecology and distribution, with comments on the avifauna of the southern Great Plains.
Total quantity or scope: Biological environmental monitoring for 2 offshore wind farms (in North and Baltic Sea) for up to 60 months of protection classes fish / benthos, Avifauna / mammalian
Saving Asia's Threatened Birds successfully presents the main findings of BI's work with Asian avifauna in a clearly written and visually rich manner.
Fisher AM (2001) Avifauna changes along a Eucalyptus regeneration gradient.
This study examined the avifauna of a Chihuahuan Desert creosotebush community in the state of Nuevo Leon in northeastern Mexico from May 1995 to April 1996.
Stationary and migratory avifauna as reservoirs of Salmonella, Yersinia and Campylobacter.