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Synonyms for aviation

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Gama Aviation will transfer its 49% ownership in Gama Aviation LLC into a new holding company, GB Aviation Holdings LLC, which will be owned 50: 50 by Gama Aviation and BBA Aviation reflecting the near equal contribution of current profits by each party.
Inspired by a speech delivered to the latter organization by Dennis Jones, chief of General Aviation and Regional Operations at NTSB, Drake thought: "If I couldn't fly for a living, I could do something to make flying safer.
We are very pleased to be joining the CBM family," said Cam Koblish, president & CEO - BACK Aviation Solutions.
Schoomaker also mentioned that Army leaders had assurances from President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that the funds previously allocated for the Comanche will stay within the Army aviation program.
Generally, complex biological attacks have lacked association with civil aviation incidents.
My philosophy for the success of Marine Aviation is a single naval solution using one team and one vision.
He was moved to a private sanitarium where he died in 1956 at the age of 88, and is buried with about a dozen other aviation pioneers at the Portal of the Folded Wings.
Marine Corps Aviation seeks to provide a responsive, fully integrated, balanced and ready Aviation Combat Element (ACE).
The Burbank Aviation Museum, now 10 years old, still lacks a permanent home for thousands of pieces of memorabilia preserved by the men and women of the San Fernando Valley who designed, built and maintained aircraft on every level.
Many aviation groups have developed training programs for airport police officers.
Bringing aviation emissions into the EU Emissions Trading Scheme is a cost-effective solution that is good for the environment and treats all airlines equally.
The Department of the Navy acknowledged aviation in 1914 when the position of Director of Naval Aeronautics was established.
The company had been cited by the Columbian Civil Aviation Authority (Aerocivil) with 14 "very serious violations to aviation safety.
in 1911 to be trained as the first Naval Aviator, the fledgling naval air station took its place in Naval Aviation history.
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