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Synonyms for aviation

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Swedish airline Malmo Aviation has signed a five-year contract for Unisys (NYSE:UIS) to provide outsourced management of the company's IT operations.
While Diamond's active safety features have rewarded us with the lowest accident rate of any general aviation manufacturer, accidents can and unfortunately do happen," said Peter Maurer, president of Diamond Aircraft.
Brenda is an exceptionally friendly, courteous, and charismatic person, and she is truly passionate about aviation and delivering exceptional customer service," said Lori Barber, Multi Service Aviation sales manager.
To enhance competitiveness in FMS aviation programs, the Navy has to provide flexible, integrated logistics support (ILS).
He was moved to a private sanitarium where he died in 1956 at the age of 88, and is buried with about a dozen other aviation pioneers at the Portal of the Folded Wings.
Marine Corps Aviation was officially born on 22 May 1912, when Lieutenant Alfred A.
2) Aviation museum exhibits will again be displayed at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood.
In recent years, the FBI has increased its focus on aviation security issues and conducted two interagency training conferences devoted to aviation security for its agents assigned to airports.
As international air travel continues to accelerate, the FAA is working hard to expedite cooperation on aviation safety and to help other nations and regions modernize and harmonize their aviation systems.
While emissions from domestic flights are covered by the Kyoto Protocol targets, international aviation is not.
Naval Aviation: Naval Aviation persevered after WW II despite attempts by the Air Force to denigrate the mission.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- In a major move toward becoming a full-service aviation company, K-C Aviation Inc.
For more information on Motley Rice's aviation disaster litigation, please visit http://aviation.
in 1911 to be trained as the first Naval Aviator, the fledgling naval air station took its place in Naval Aviation history.
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