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a group of viruses including those causing mumps and measles

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Another milestone was the departure of the Simpsons from Riverboro, bag and baggage, the banquet lamp being their most conspicuous posses- sion.
Ruggles, I shouldered one part of our baggage, and Anna took up the other, and we set out forthwith to take passage on board of the steam- boat John W.
He is asked to help himself to two uncommonly comfortable things in their way -a fortune and a wife; he is allowed six months to get the wife in (we should have got her, in the Navy, bag and baggage, in six days); he has a round dozen of nice girls, to my certain knowledge, in one part of the country and another, all at his disposal to choose from, and what does he do?
The whole house of Omer and Joram turned out to bid us good-bye; and there were so many seafaring volunteers in attendance on Steerforth, when our portmanteaux went to the coach, that if we had had the baggage of a regiment with us, we should hardly have wanted porters to carry it.
But while I thus deliberated, something soft pressed in at the door; and, making a sudden dart, I had the little baggage who had brought about my dilemma a prisoner in my arms.
So I hid in the baggage and was brought on to the ship with the hard-tack.
I hired two mules, with a guide, to show me the way, and carry my small baggage.
They left us soon after, and next morning we landed our baggage, consisting chiefly of the patriarch's library, some ornaments for the church, some images, and some pieces of calico, which were of the same use as money.
On the other hand, to detach a flying column for the purpose involves the sacrifice of its baggage and stores.
A breastwork was thrown up of saddles, baggage, and camp furniture, and all hands waited anxiously for daylight.
The camp was deluged, and the bedding and baggage drenched.
They have taken the baggage and all the guns,' yelled the Frenchman, firing blindly into the twilight.
Our enormous burdens, instead of being carried on our shoulders as had been the custom of old, were all snugly deposited in the baggage car, and, as I was assured, would be delivered to their respective owners at the journey's end.