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Synonyms for averting

the act of preventing something from occurring

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the act of turning yourself (or your gaze) away

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TABLE 2 Mean Averting Costs Savings with Alternative Values of Time and Mean Willingness to Pay for First Choice Water Source Mean Std Dev Variable $ $ Averting Costs Savings High 36.
Managers are expected to offer more money and trim their demands in the hope of averting a strike.
One area of economic damages that has received relatively little attention in previous work is that of averting expenditures, or the costs incurred by households, firms, or governments to avoid exposure to a groundwater contaminant.
Increased public and private partnerships among cities, lenders and servicers aimed at averting foreclosures.
In June, the guild's 11,000 members on both coasts overwhelmingly approved a new three-year contract with $41 million in raises, averting the industry's worst labor strife since 1988.
Every minute counts in averting foreclosures," says Ken Wade, CEO of NeighborWorks America.
He said the report showed the government ``may gravely understate the costs and difficulties of averting an electronic disaster.
The pilots were able to coax the huge jet to glide without power for 20 minutes for about 115 miles over the ocean and land on a military airfield runway, averting a mid-ocean ditching.
These additional charges have been recorded in connection with averting a strike and negotiating new contracts for certain unionized nursing homes in Connecticut; monitoring and responding to the continuing U.
After days of talks produced a bill averting a shutdown that the administration and most Republicans and Democrats could support, the House approved the measure Thursday by a lopsided 371-42 margin.
The union's current contract isn't set to expire until July 31, but both sides had agreed to sit down for an early round of bargaining in hopes of averting the type of production slowdown that often occurs when negotiations for a major union contract come right down to the wire.
7 billion through recovery of stolen public assets and averting major corruption deals, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission annual report shows.
It is necessary to begin employing in operations that avert flare-up of conflicts for such employment is much more effective because each dollar spent on averting break-out of strifes spares 10 dollars spent on operations to stop them.
It said kickstarting growth in the process of recovery and averting the gestation of another crisis was not an easy task and would take a lot more than fiscal consolidation and financial stabilisation.
CAA advisory is basically issued to save passengers' precious time by averting the inconvenience of flight cancellations and delays, press release added.