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Synonyms for avertable

capable of being avoided or warded off

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This potentially also could lead to an under-estimation of avertable lung cancer deaths "if CXR was of benefit in preventing lung cancer mortality" he said.
117) In so doing, NQF ensured that it selected an event that was completely avoidable; the result of medical mistakes; and avertable through simple guidelines.
I would like to think that technology in various spheres is advancing at a rapid phase and if a situation like this arises, the human race will get sufficient warning to harness its capability to avert the threat, if it is avertable," he added.
Adding a new vaccine to a national immunisation programme requires consideration of the avertable burden, relative value of the vaccine compared with alternative uses of resources, affordability, likelihood of public acceptability and political support for a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease, and feasibility of achieving high coverage in young adolescent girls.
The ncluyon and bugang/kuang kulit are bearers of bad news, or warn of the presence of evil, but the events or the evil in question are not in general principle avertable.