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capable of being avoided or warded off

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Grand convergence, as defined by the CIH, refers to a reduction in avertable infectious, maternal, and child deaths down to universally low levels.
Prevention is appropriate to sustainability to the degree that preventive proposals can diminish ensuing resource requests and lifespan service employment (the concern of preventive undertaking must be hindering avertable use of health and social care resources).
Several factors might have affected the new estimates, including use of the NLST-reported screening effect as a parameter in determining the number of avertable lung cancer deaths.
First, that the event is completely avoidable; 114 second, the event is always the result of a medical mistake--not the result of hospitalization or an illness; 115 and third, the event is avertable through the adoption of simple, practical guidelines.
I would like to think that technology in various spheres is advancing at a rapid phase and if a situation like this arises, the human race will get sufficient warning to harness its capability to avert the threat, if it is avertable," he added.
1 Taking into account the maximal potential for results of conducted intervention disease-burden reduction trials, or for the new interventions the proportion of avertable burden under an ideal scenario, would you say that the sucessful reaching of research endpoints would have the capacity to remove 5% of the burden or more?
Adding a new vaccine to a national immunisation programme requires consideration of the avertable burden, relative value of the vaccine compared with alternative uses of resources, affordability, likelihood of public acceptability and political support for a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease, and feasibility of achieving high coverage in young adolescent girls.