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Synonyms for avert

Synonyms for avert

to change the direction or course of

to prohibit from occurring by advance planning or action

Synonyms for avert

turn away or aside


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This will enable users to effectively move 2D and 3D building and site information from Autodesk's range of products into AVERT to optimize physical security design.
ARES Security's AVERT solution identifies and quantifies vulnerabilities by simulating threats on 3D models of the user's facility and security systems.
Both sides had in the run up to Christmas rejected each others' proposals to avert a series of tax hikes and spending cuts slated to take effect in January that could push the world's biggest economy and oil consumer back into recession.
Avert, which started in Melbourne, is a large multi-centre randomised international trial, which aims to recruit more than 2,000 stroke patients over the next three years.
McAfee AVERT has also seen an increase in attempted machine hijackings.
The McAfee AVERT top ten threats of 2004 all fall into one of three categories - spyware/adware threats, e-mail-borne virus threats, and malware threats delivered by spam.
Asking an urgent question in yesterday's plenary session at the Assembly he said: ``We should do everything we can to urge the UK Government and the employers to return to the negotiating table because if there is anything that can be done between now and October 29 to avert a strike we should be using all our energies to that end.
The first threshold number was calculated by assuming the system averts a constant number of cases every year.
Although the per unit cost of each method is substantially higher for MSUs the cost per birth averted and cost per CYP are lower for MSUs as it basically offers only two methods IUD and surgery (which averts more births vis-a-vis other temporary methods) whereas FWCs offer all methods.
It seems likely that most Americans, even in their own (albeit much less acute) economic distress, would support the kind of humanitarian aid needed to avert acute suffering and give the Russian people the breathing space they need to sort out their political and economic future.
AVERT version 7 improves the software's modeling capability with the use of the COLLADA model format.
PESHAWAR, January 05, 2010 (Frontier Star ): Private offices and banks located at sensitive places in Provincial capital have installed bulletproof glass to avert the threats of suicide attacks.
The international HIV and AIDS charity AVERT is today launching Stop AIDS in Children, a campaign that calls for an end to the 380,000 child AIDS deaths and half a million new infant HIV infections that occur worldwide every year.
And in a phone interview, Aquino said provisions of the contract were insufficient to avert job actions.
Yuzpe discovered that a multiple dose of birth control pills taken within a few days of sexual intercourse could avert pregnancy by flooding a woman's system with a burst of hormones.