aversive stimulus

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any negative stimulus to which an organism will learn to make a response that avoids it

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In total, 5 of the 9 derived extinction subjects demonstrated extinction of responding to the direct aversive stimulus.
Automatic negative reinforcement occurs when a behavior terminates an aversive stimulus directly and the behavior is strengthened.
The noxious odor was selected as the aversive stimulus, because Maletzky (1993) has maintained that nausea is incompatible with sexual arousal.
This technique places the individual in contact with the aversive stimulus and then prevents him or her from engaging in the usual aversion behavior (e.
Second, the longer observing response latencies might have also been a result of general suppression of behavior due to punishment or the presentation of an aversive stimulus (see Mazur 2006; Schwartz et al.
This responding was defined as aggressive because it ostensibly resulted in the presentation of an aversive stimulus to another person.
Likewise, our instructions impart a social context to Button B responding which is defined as aggressive because such responding ostensibly presents as aversive stimulus, a point subtraction, to another person.
Avoidance is defined widely as behavior that allows an organism to prevent or postpone the delivery of an aversive stimulus (Azrin and Holz 1966; Dinsmoor 1954, 1977).
A camera was placed above the tank to monitor the movements of the zebrafish, and statistical tests were performed to calculate whether the robot acted as an attractive, neutral or aversive stimulus and whether this relationship depends on the fish being isolated or in a shoal.
Responses such as Quit that or Get out are controlled by their respective aversive stimulus and are reinforced negatively when the listener complies.
a tone or being in a new environment); is achieved by pairing the neutral stimulus with an aversive stimulus (e.
In the case of the CMO-R specifically, the conditioned aversive stimulus is the onset of the very stimulus whose offset would function as a form of conditioned reinforcement.
Even a very mild aversive stimulus could have a major impact on a person with high sensitivity to punishment.