aversion therapy

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any technique of behavior modification that uses unpleasant stimuli in a controlled fashion to alter behavior in a therapeutic way

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THEY GREW UP ON THE OUTSIDE OF SOCIETY THEY WEREN'T LOOKING FOR A FIGHT THEY WERE LOOKING TO BELONG (White Building, London) In Ashby's video installation, Old Hollywood depictions of street gangs are accompanied by looped audio of case studies describing the use of aversion therapy to "cure" homosexuality in the 1960s.
When he is finally arrested, he is subjected to a sinister form of aversion therapy that brainwashes him into being physically unable to use violence.
Several distinct treatments exist under the general rubric of behavioral treatments for AUDs, including coping skills training, relapse prevention and other cognitive--behavioral treatments, contingency management approaches, brief behavioral interventions, behavioral couples and family treatments, facilitated self-change approaches, and aversion therapy.
My last suggestion and possibly the most effective is 'sound aversion therapy.
Stanley Kubrick's 1971 classic, set in a futuristic Britain where charismatic delinquent Malcolm McDowell volunteers for experimental aversion therapy which goes awry.
Saddest character of all is Billy, Tom's lover from his early days, who is abandoned to the police, suffers the indignities of aversion therapy, ends up emotionally damaged and goes on to lead a Gay Rights demo against Mrs Whitehouse.
Today with the introduction of some of the effective hypnotherapeutic techniques such as guided imagery, visualization techniques, dream induction, rational emotive behavior therapy and aversion therapy, psychological dependence can be successfully managed.
Behavioral psychologists in the employ of this state use radical aversion therapy to make Alex "normal," but do so at the expense of his free will and individuality.
Some of the more popular ones include aversion therapy, for example, using a shock collar and administering a jolt every time the dog starts after a car, or using a choke or prong collar and giving a sharp correction if the dog tries to chase.
Simple techniques such as Token Economy, Shaping and Modeling, to complex methods such as Aversion Therapy, Flooding, Implosion Therapy and Systematic Desensitization are treated in detail with meticulous professional care.
Kingseat Hospital's use of aversion therapy in the late '60s or early '70s is a bleak period in that history.
Being hypnotised and given aversion therapy seemed a painless way to break my habit.
After the night of the performance, video documentation of aversion therapy as practiced in the past is played in the gallery in the presence of the now empty chair.
One of the barbaric features in fundamentalist Protestantism's attempts to "cure" homosexuality is aversion therapy techniques.