aversion therapy

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any technique of behavior modification that uses unpleasant stimuli in a controlled fashion to alter behavior in a therapeutic way

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Taste aversion conditioning in free-ranging raccoons, Procyon lotor.
In aversion conditioning, a captured problem bear is tagged and transported to a wildlife management area.
Symonds and Hall (1997; see also Prados & Sansa, 2002; Rudy, Iwens, & Best, 1977; Willner, 1978; Westbrook & Brookes, 1988) reported a different demonstration of context aversion conditioning that avoids this methodological problem.
Then, in a context separate from that of the aversion conditioning, the four squads were trained to run to water (R) or no water (N) goal events in a double-alternation pattern (RRNNRRNN) with eight trials a day over 8 consecutive days.
As a whole the results suggest that the peculiar characteristics of taste aversion conditioning and of his neural basis can require different processes and nervous structures for latent inhibition in this learning.