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Table 1--Averages, standard error of the mean (SEM) and significance level (p) for canopy height, forage mass, leaf mass, forage allowance (FA), percentages do leaf, stem and dead material, percentages of crude protein and in vitro organic matter digestibility (IVOMD), and average daily gain (ADG) in signal grass and marandu grass pastures deferred in March and grazed from July to October 2014.
Birth weight, weaning weight and pre-weaning average daily gains
Cumulative body weight and average daily gain for intensively fattened Pelibuey lambs fed supplemental yeast.
Least square means of average daily gain of Berkshire purebreds (BB) and crossbreds sired by Hereford (HB) and Tamworth (TB) Days of age 3 to 28 28 to 56 56 to 84 84 to 112 112 to 140 Trial 1 BB 0.
05) their average daily gain (ADG) bulls (Table 3).
05) affected backfat thickness and average daily gain during the fattening period.
Collected data of DM intake, live weight, average daily gain, feed conversion and carcass data were subjected to statistical analysis as one way analysis of variance using the general linear model procedure of SPSS [58].
The average daily gain observed in this experiment was higher than the gain reported by Zanetti et al.
Supply, OK, the average daily gain of stocker cattle (1.
In the study, the treatment groups, which were given diet supplemented with herb and antibiotic, exhibited improved weight gain, average daily gain, and feed conversion (P0.
Even though there was no significant interaction between feeding method and lipid source for weekly body weights, average daily feed intake and average daily gain for different treatments, some differences can be observed concerning feed conversion ratio.
The analysis of contrasts indicated that supplemented heifers had a higher average daily gain (Table 2), with an increase of 29% (228 grams) when compared to animals fed exclusively on pasture.
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