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total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units

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The average cost of renting one square meter of comfortable housing in Kazakhstan last month was 1,329 tenge (an increase of 1.
9% increase compared with 2014, when the average cost was PS3,562.
1 million square meters, translating to an average cost of P8,291 per square meter.
Tennessee: $4,844 (total average cost of insurance per year)
The average cost of moving is forecast to increase further, reaching PS15,414 by the end of 2020 - but the research also found that 84% of prospective homebuyers were under-estimating the cost of moving.
The average cost of sending $500 in remittances through commercial banks to Lebanon was 7.
Average cost of an hour-long session with a personal trainer, according to the National Board of Fitness Examiners: USD60 to USD70.
The 2009 estimated average cost for real estate taxes was $233 per apartment per month or $2,796 per apartment per year.
The table the IRS has published in Revenue Ruling 2010-13 gives what the IRS believes to be the average cost of individual and family coverage in each state.
The average cost of a home in Yorkshire and Humber soared by 130% during the noughties, jumping from pounds 55,574 in 1999 to pounds 127,852 at the end of last year, according to Halifax.
The study reported the average cost per company to achieve initial compliance was $2.
2006-07 1979-80 Average teacher salary: $52,842 $16,715 The cost of a first-class stamp: 39 cents 15 cents Average cost of a gallon of gas: $2.
The average cost of filling a prescription is more than twice what such government programs as Medicaid pay in dispensing fees, a new study has found.
The five drugs in this category account for 15% of total per-member per-year spending for specialty drugs within the pharmacy benefit at an average cost of $1,300 per prescription.