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total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units

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We are already seeing that the employers who invest in engaging employees can leap ahead of their competitors and take average benefits and make them feel exceptional," Benz says.
Based on 2013/14 transactions data from the Land Registry, nearly 590,000 purchasers in England and Wales will be winners under the new stamp duty regime, with an average benefit of around PS1,600.
5 billion, for an average benefit payment of $2,113 per month, or $25,354 per year.
One company using Darwin went from average benefit signup times of two hours and 20 minutes per employee to nine minutes.
Never mind that the amount of the average benefit is about $270 a week - an amount some lawmakers drop on a single night out on the town.
THOUSANDS of households in South Wales have been affected by the so-called bedroom tax - with Cardiff residents hit with the highest average benefit cut in Wales.
Shola lives on an average benefit allowance of PS70 a week, which means that every day is a struggle.
Many are already in arrears as the charge sees an average benefit cut of PS14 for those with one extra room and PS25 for more.
It estimated the EU's proposed "2050 roadmap" of investment in low-carbon energy and efficiency would deliver a net, average benefit of 56 billions euros annually over the next 40 years, calculated by subtracting fuel savings from investment costs.
Business analytics applications, including business intelligence, performance management, and predictive analytics, are delivering significant return on investment, with an average benefit of $10.
Today, that average benefit is estimated to be worth more than $82 million.
One of the problems is too many claims in our state remain open too long, with average benefit payments now extending to 284 days and scores of them wind up in litigation.
With an average benefit of $130 per year per participant, about $3 billion goes unutilized each year nationwide.
By comparison, in the United Kingdom, the majority of CI policies are sold as a combination life and CI product, with an average benefit amount of $100,000 (U.
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