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Synonyms for avenue

Synonyms for avenue

Synonyms for avenue

a line of approach

a wide street or thoroughfare


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The lighted doorway, the marching patrol--these had been planned and timed to a nicety by the third warrior who had sped ahead of Turan along another avenue, and the stranger had done precisely what the fellow had thought he would do--no wonder, then, that he smiled.
He slowly revolved in his mind the incidents of the evening--the open, unguarded gate; the lighted doorway--the only one he had seen thus open and lighted along the avenue he had followed; the advance of the warriors at precisely the moment that he could find no other avenue of escape or concealment; the corridors and chambers that led past many locked doors to this underground prison leaving no other path for him to pursue.
At the intersection of two broad avenues Vas Kor descended from the street level to one of the great pneumatic stations of the city.
A long life has taught me that a man may seem weak where women and children are concerned and yet be anything but a weakling in the sterner avenues of life.
She ran out sobbing into the garden and as far as the pond, along the avenues of young lime trees Prince Andrew had planted.
The chestnut avenue opened into a road, smooth but narrow, which led into the untouched country.
At length Soapy reached one of the avenues to the east where the glitter and turmoil was but faint.
The trees in no two avenues are shaped alike, and consequently the eye is not fatigued with anything in the nature of monotonous uniformity.
She said she could think of but one thing--it was summer, and it was balmy France--yet she would like well to sleigh ride in the leafy avenues of Versailles
Staten Island: Richmond Terrace between Jersey Street and Bay Street, Jersey Street between Richmond Terrace and Victory Boulevard, Victory Boulevard between Jersey Street and Bay Street, Bay Street between Richmond Terrace and School Road, Fingerboard Road between Bay Street and Tompkins Avenue, Tompkins Avenue between Fingerboard Road and School Road, School Road between Bay Street and Staten Island Expressway, Lily Pond Avenue between Staten Island Expressway and McClean Avenue and McClean Avenue between Lily Pond Avenue and New York Avenue.
Also, there will be no parking on Selma Avenue between Gower Street and Highland, Lanewood Avenue between Orange Drive and La Brea Avenue, Sunset Boulevard between Western Avenue and Formosa Avenue, De Longpre Avenue between Gower Street and La Brea Avenue, Fountain Avenue between Highland Avenue and La Brea Avenue, Fountain Avenue between Bronson Avenue and Cahuenga Avenue, Lexington Avenue between Highland Avenue and La Brea Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard between Hobart Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, and Melrose Avenue between Western Avenue and Highland Avenue.
These choice jewelers are constantly shifting locations and renovating, like Bulgari, which will soon unveil an expanded and newly renovated boutique on the corner of 57th Street at 730 Fifth Avenue.
NEW YORK -- Magna Hospitality Group LC announces the opening of Manhattan's newest boutique hotel, Hotel 373 Fifth Avenue at the corner of 5th and 35th.
CB I Hate Perfume offers a unique collection of perfumes at 93 Wythe Avenue.