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a translucent quartz spangled with bits of mica or other minerals

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An aventurine dial also graces the Kalparisma Nova Galaxy, from Parmigiani Fleurier.
Liu Shishi wears OMEGA Constellation Aventurine Ladies Watch Limited Edition, together with Straight Line Diamond Necklace, Cluster Line Diamond Earrings, and Sparkling Cluster Diamond Fashion Ring all from Harry Winston.
As we follow Aventurine on her quest to find the city, an apprenticeship and ore chocolate we learn with her how to make friends and what it really means to be a human.
Faberge's hardstone Chelsea Pensioner, fashioned from purpurine, aventurine quartz, jasper, gunmetal, gold, enamel and cabochon sapphires (Picture: The Royal Collection Trust)
Aquamarine, aventurine, moonstone, and rose quartz are calming stones.
6m investment in Aventurine, an independent digital game development company.
Dial: metal plate designed as brick motif set under smoked sapphire glass; selection of aventurine, pietersite, chalcedony, rhodonite, petrified dinosaur bone, smoked sapphire glass; applique, thick, metal, Arabic numbers; applique, individual, metal signature Tiret "T;" highly stylized hands in an Empire State Building stencil; reverse, single bold metal open cut, signature Tiret "T"
In this latest book from The Fairy Godmother Academy series set in the dreamland Aventurine, we meet Zally.
Online participants can play games, view galleries, and explore an encyclopedia of Aventurine.
Her arrangement is by uses of the glass, among them mirrors and lenses creating new notions of seeing, panes for windows and paintings, porcelain, aventurine glass, and enamel materials.
Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia Parfum combines the rich essences of tuberose and exotic gardenia housed in a sleek bottle that features a cap embedded with natural semi-precious gems including aventurine, yellow and green jade, citrine, lemon and mustard stones.
Colours and natural textures explode in a burst of romantic jewellery, reflecting a generous and captivating natural world: the beauty of a pink quartz or green aventurine tear, round hoop earrings scattered with delicate dewdrops, the natural chic of a long necklace combining candy-coloured beads.
You probably have a strand of beads, too, maybe aventurine, bloodstone, citrine, coral, garnet, or sodalite.
A king's ransom might be needed for Faberge's Imperial Chess Set, 24k gold-plated, with pieces carved of black onyx and green aventurine, $25,000, fabergeworld.
In three or four different experiments, I mixed them up with faux and vrai Murano millefiore beads; amber, red, and blue glass lozenges; heavy round dark crushed-glass-coated oversized beads; green aventurine beads from a garage sale; silver filigree beads from an antiques barn near Lancaster; and coral beads from the Philippines, coated in shellac, with the grain and striation of little apples.