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a medieval hood of mail suspended from a basinet to protect the head and neck

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SonicWALL, a leading secure network infrastructure company, announced the SonicWALL Aventail E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA), which delivers secure, easy-to-manage remote access control for the mobile enterprise.
Once these security checks have been passed, the SonicWall Aventail solution grants the appropriate level of access from any web-enabled device, including Internet kiosks, laptops, smart phones, tablet PCs or any other web enabled device, according to the statement.
Establishing an Extensive Enterprise Product PortfolioBuilding on the strong SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPN products, SonicWALL has developed an entire line of enterprise-grade unified threat management (UTM) solutions.
New features in Aventail ST include broader application reach for mobile devices and server-based computing.
Aventail End Point Control (EPC) is a framework that protects end users of an Aventail SSL VPN and the network from inadvertent or willful security threats introduced by the remote access device.
An increasing number of employees have Macs at home but still need remote access to corporate applications, and with this release, we've ensured that Mac users can successfully access those resources from anywhere while ensuring full policy control for the network manager," said Evan Kaplan, president and CEO of Aventail Corporation.
But the growing demand for remote access and the security requirements mandated by HIPAA drove the decision to purchase the Aventail EX-1500 SSL VPN appliance that could be installed on the hospital's existing network, Sanchez says.
The Aventail EX-750 is exactly what I need to give my employees clientless remote access with low cost and ease of administration," said Raj Saxena, IT director at ARYx Therapeutics, a private drug discovery and development company.
The Infonetics report only calculated appliance sales and did not include revenue from SSL VPN managed services, of which Aventail controls nearly 100 percent market share through its partnerships with global service providers.
Akaba, Foundstone, Qualys, Sanctum, and VIGILANTe are in a second round of security vendors lined up by Aventail as "policy enforcement partners" for its EPC-compliant EX-1500 SSL VPN appliance.
Commenting on the results Aventail says manufacturers should take action now to ensure that they are ready to meet the increasing demands of e-business in the coming years.
a developer of software products for securing business-to-business electronic commerce over the Internet, has announced that Aventail Corporation, a provider of Extranet Infrastructure Services, is joining Xcert's OpenXchange Partner Program.
Students will learn to use the Aventail Management Console and deploy Aventail Secure Desktop for added security.
After considerable research, JRI chose the Aventail SSL VPN as the best solution for its needs.
Aventail Corp, an SSL VPN company, has revealed that its SSL VPN solution has been selected and deployed by universities around the world, including the University of Ottawa, Norwich University and the University of Ballarat.