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  • verb

Synonyms for avenge

get revenge for


  • get revenge for
  • revenge
  • repay
  • retaliate for
  • take revenge for
  • hit back for
  • requite
  • pay (someone) back for
  • get even for
  • even the score for
  • get your own back for
  • take vengeance for
  • take satisfaction for
  • pay (someone) back in his or her own coin for

Synonyms for avenge

to exact revenge for or from

Synonyms for avenge

take revenge for a perceived wrong

References in classic literature ?
The man had come to demand an accounting and to avenge.
Not only will he deal rigorously with me, but heaven will also punish me; for my mother when she leaves the house will call on the Erinyes to avenge her; besides, it would not be a creditable thing to do, and I will have nothing to say to it.
How easy to avenge the cowardly trick that had been played upon him--to avenge Helium and Ptarth and Thuvia!
I want to avenge Rebecca and Flora MacIvor and Minna, and all the rest of the dark unhappy ones.
Well, perhaps you will avenge the dark women in your own person, and carry away all the love from your cousin Lucy.
First, to what extent is he driven by vanity--by an awareness of his image as a square-jawed crusader playing for keeps on a giant stage, an Eliot Ness-like figure who avenges the small investor by fearlessly taking on Wall Street fat cats, who heretofore existed beyond reproach and retribution?
If Quartz Hill avenges its loss to Palmdale, then the Rebels will have the league title to themselves and Highland will finish second.
At the center of this novel, there is the intimate bond between a father and daughter, a love that is sorely tested after Antonio avenges his honor during a sporting fight, resulting in the death of his rival and his exile with his daughter to the notorious New Half-Way Tree.
Ardolino's analysis brings an ingenious order to many of the play's perplexing turns, such as the tremendous bloodletting of the final scene, when Hieronimo not only avenges his son's murder but also kills the duke of Castile and stabs himself.