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Synonyms for avenger

someone who takes vengeance

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Terrible is aloneness with the judge and avenger of one's own law.
That terrible avenger, a perfect archangel of hatred, was still looking.
de Villefort towards his own relations, I ought to have denounced him to the authorities; then I should not have been an accomplice to thy death, as I now am, sweet, beloved Valentine; but the accomplice shall become the avenger.
Unable to accomplish this, he nevertheless, as a matter of principle, continued his habits of social familiarity with the old man, and thus gave him constant opportunities for perfecting the purpose to which -- poor forlorn creature that he was, and more wretched than his victim -- the avenger had devoted himself.
Before this avenger got away, Barker and the wife had reached the room.
Your servant, Sir," said Joe, "which I hope as you and Pip" - here his eye fell on the Avenger, who was putting some toast on table, and so plainly denoted an intention to make that young gentleman one of the family, that I frowned it down and confused him more - "I meantersay, you two gentlemen - which I hope as you get your elths in this close spot?
For every man who betrayed us, from one to a dozen faithful avengers were loosed upon his heels.
In the dead of night Ninaka and his party had crawled away under the very noses of the avengers, taking the chest with them, and by chance von Horn and the two Dyaks cut back into the main trail along the river almost at the very point that Ninaka halted to bury the treasure.
Hunting Japanese warships, the Avenger torpedo bomber was rigid rather than graceful, reliable rather than remarkable Few pilots loved it.
We had that tipped pass that end up as an interception and lost a kickoff off the net," Avenger head coach Ed Hodgkiss said on the team's Web site.
DODGE AVENGER CONCEPT: Based off the C-/D-segment platform jointly developed with Mitsubishi, the Avenger stands out as a truly sporty alternative in the crowded pack of mid-size sedans.
Avenger missile system slew-to-cue (STC) secondary items have transferred from free issue to an organic supply system.
So, my radioman, George Dreisbach, and I took off in a TBM Avenger for the quiet little auxiliary air station at the base of the towering Sierra mountain range.
We gave our Avengers some rough workouts in Afghanistan and as a result found some parts of the Avenger that needed a little more attention than what the TM prescribes.
The film's successful debut comes a month after Marvel and Disney announced that a sequel to 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger will be released April 4, 2014.