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Synonyms for avenger

someone who takes vengeance

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Unable to accomplish this, he nevertheless, as a matter of principle, continued his habits of social familiarity with the old man, and thus gave him constant opportunities for perfecting the purpose to which -- poor forlorn creature that he was, and more wretched than his victim -- the avenger had devoted himself.
Your servant, Sir," said Joe, "which I hope as you and Pip" - here his eye fell on the Avenger, who was putting some toast on table, and so plainly denoted an intention to make that young gentleman one of the family, that I frowned it down and confused him more - "I meantersay, you two gentlemen - which I hope as you get your elths in this close spot?
That terrible avenger, a perfect archangel of hatred, was still looking.
Cowardly she-wolves that you are, you feared not the anger of dread Jove, avenger of violated hospitality, who will one day destroy your city; you stole my wedded wife and wickedly carried off much treasure when you were her guest, and now you would fling fire upon our ships, and kill our heroes.
Bucket and that finger are in much conference, a terrible avenger will be heard of before long.
Heaven wished to raise up for that oppressed child an avenger, or a supporter, or vindicator, if you prefer it.
I heard a sharp rustle, the night air blew into the heated room, and the avenger was gone.
Might it not be some terrible avenger, out of the mystery beyond life, placed to beset him and finish him finally on this road that he was convinced was surely the death-road?
Knight and squire gazed from rogue to avenger, but as it was a matter which none could mend they tarried no longer, but rode upon their way.
The Golden Age was first created, which without any avenger Spontaneously without law cherished fidelity and rectitude.
Canst thou be judge for thyself, and avenger of thy law?
Both might be called without restraint; the one being above, the other beyond the reach of the law--brave, because they were inured to dangers--proud, because they were independent, and vindictive, because each was the avenger of his own wrongs.
He had no remorse; but the evildoer who can hold that avenger at bay, cannot escape the slower torture of incessantly doing the evil deed again and doing it more efficiently.
Again the avenger had been foiled, and again his concentrated hatred urged him to continue the pursuit.
This leads to his murder by someone who is, we will suppose, an avenger, someone from outside.