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without blood vessels


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Due to the avascularity of the anterior chamber, the immune response may be minimal to absent; and serological tests, such as ELISA and the 24-kDa L3 antigen immunoblot, may be negative.
Corneal angiogenic privilege: angiogenic and antiangiogenic factors in corneal avascularity, vasculogenesis, and wound.
Motion at the fracture site, avascularity, fracture gap, and presence of infection have all been implicated as causes for development of an ununited fracture.
It was claimed that this results from the relative avascularity of the paravertebral space and hence the slow uptake of local anaesthetic (10).
With its inherent properties [] transparency, flexibility, avascularity and relatively small thickness, vitelline membrane of the hen's egg and VMHE-m in particular could find application in design of membrane-cell-grafts for clinical use.
2008); 2) physiological damage to the retinal cells resulting from multiple embolisms, low blood oxygen levels in the choroid rete, avascularity of the retina, and the need of a continuous supply of oxygen in the retinal cells (Fonner et al.
The avascularity of the eschar results in impaired migration of host immune cells and restricts delivery of systemically administered antimicrobial agents to the area, while toxic substances released by eschar tissue impair local host immune responses.
The avascularity of the cornea puts it in a relatively immune-privileged position, and complications due to graft rejection can be handled more effectively than in other solid organs.
In addition, the avascularity of the adult intervertebral discs suggests that these parts of the spinal column would be involved in the infection at a chronic or advanced stage, and only in organisms with the appropriate proteolytic activity to gain access to the disc space.
9) The vulnerability of macula is due to abundance of Henle's fibres that are hydrophilic, relative avascularity that limits fluid absorption and thin basal lamina that does not protect against the biochemical effects.
However, in patients with fat necrosis, localized abscesses or foreign body granulomas, the most common finding on sonography was localized masses with coarse margins and showed avascularity or low blood supply.
It has been proposed that high metabolic activity combined with the relative avascularity of the foveal centre contributes to a relative decrease in fluid reabsorption in the foveal region despite leakage from the surrounding vessels.
Involvement of the proximal semimembranosus tendon is indicative of a protracted recovery time due in part to the relative avascularity of tendinous tissue.