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reprehensible acquisitiveness

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It is our contention one of these fundamental errors--or sins, in 16th century terms--is that of Avaritia.
2) The Seven Deadly Sins are superbia (pride), invidia (envy), ira (anger/wrath), acedia (sloth), avaritia (avarice/greed), gula (gluttony), and luxuria (lust).
i quali beati senza legge, senza lettere, senza savii, non apprezzavano ne oro, ne gioe, non conoscevano ne avaritia, ne ambitione .
The Themes and Motives of a Polemic" and "The Theater of the World in the Moral and Historical Thought of Poggio Bracciolini"--both provide fascinating close readings of the genesis of two major dialogues by Poggio, De avaritia and De varietate fortunae.
Here again classical sources might be at least as influential as contemporary anxieties: the decline of learning (CB 6) was satirized by Petronius, available to John of Salisbury; and avaritia was a favourite target of Horace and Juvenal.
In the sixth line, Aldus saw the Lyonese as conspiring against him (`in me conspiratum est'), goaded by the ever-present Avaritia.
12, addressed to Postumus (senator and proconsul, a relative), the poet pits the fidelitas, pudicitia and castitas of a lonely wife pining at home against the avaritia and virtus of her husband who, lured by the promise of spoils, follows Augusti fortia signa to Parthia.
Sins and virtues of Outsourcing Deadly Sin Outsourcing Holy Virtue Outsourcing Equivalent Equivalent Superbia (pride) Self-righteousness Humility Openness Avaritia (greed) Asymmetry Liberality Reciprocation Luxuria (lust) Lavishness Chasity Conservation Invidia (envy) Imitation Kindness Innovation Gula (gluttony) Gamesmanship Temperance Restraint Ira (wrath) Impatience Patience Resolution Acedia (sloth) Apathy Diligence Consistency
Si iracunda, aut avaritia, aut carnis illecebra naviculam concusserit mentis, respice ad Mariam.
However, remarks the guide, 'scito quia non diu victurus erit, nisi se ab eadem avaritia abstinuerit' ('I know that he is not going to live for long unless he abandons that avarice').