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in a greedy manner

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With that sword he kills the dragon Fafner, one of the giants who has transformed himself with the help of the mask, and who sleeps in a cave whilst guarding the gold avariciously.
Stocks have fed avariciously on central bank liquidity.
While Henry would have her play avariciously, Edmund recognizes and appreciates that Fanny values William's happiness and success more than her own (Selwyn 273).
They gnashed their teeth and avariciously waited, As they discussed the virtues of becoming quite sated.
Capdevila's narrator is not above citing a stereotype regarding Catalan businessmen: that the reason that you do not see that many ostentatious rich Catalans is because they do not spend their money but rather save it avariciously (163-4).
And those who avariciously overprice foreign currency which they are willing to sell may well soon find that they run out of customers, as one after another business goes into liquidation as a result of the continuing, intensifying collapse of the economy, while, at the same time, they too suffer the effects of the increasingly ailing economy.
915, 917 (2005) ("[The] pervasive assumption in constitutional law and theory is that government officials are empire-builders, imperialistically or avariciously intent upon maximizing the power or wealth of their offices and institutions.
The declarations of Goneril and Regan were rewarded with generous slices of cake, which each consumed avariciously.
Once a month, a brown package arrives by recorded delivery and I open it avariciously in the hope that a bunch of minimum-wage drones thousands of miles away will keep me in moderately paid work for another few weeks.