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Synonyms for avant-garde

Synonyms for avant-garde

any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

radically new or original


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Instead of disjoining the work from the praxis of life, the avant-gardist purpose is the sublation of art into the praxis of life.
Aesthetics equals ideology, and so an avant-gardist aesthetic, as Wenman quite correctly identifies in bissett's poetry, is also ideologically dissident.
Since then retro-jazz has become more fashionable and Hamilton has stuck with it, persuading even the avant-gardists that he had a right to stand tall in the contemporary jazz world be virtue of his exemplary musicianship.
With respect to this ambiguity of intention between parody and pastiche, the New York poets, often cited as neo-Avant-garde heralds of postmodern developments, illustrate the sometimes critical, sometimes disengaged, attitudes of various avant-gardists with respect to history.
In chapter seven, "Nanni Balestrini and the Invisibility of the Poetic 'I,'" Picchione discusses the work in concrete and electronic poetry of the most radical of all avant-gardists, Balestrini.
And since by definition avant-gardists work against established poetic forms and mores, which works are to be left behind?
5) And in that same "Exiles" issue, Hemingway would rub shoulders With avant-gardists (Stein's "Valentine to Sherwood Anderson" directly followed "In Our Time") and enfants terrible, such as Antheil and Cummings.
This really was a shared experience, no more just for avant-gardists than it was for foodies.
Lydie Salvayre, Marie Desbiolles, and Patrick Roegiers have been associated with Le Seuil; Annie Ernaux, Emmanuele Bernheim, and Francois-Xavier Molia with Gallimard; Linda Le with Christian Bourgois; Olivier Targowla with Maurice Nadeau; and still other avant-gardists such as Jacques Jouet, Marcel Benabou, Alina Reyes, Richard Morgieve, and Herve Le Tellier have moved from house to house without finding a permanent home.
Pieces in the gallery's back room by the other Czech avant-gardists made this an especially comprehensive exhibition.
A fixture on the downtown New York arts scene for the past 20 years, Anderson has enjoyed an unusual degree of commercial success among avant-gardists.
In parodies, memoirs and feuilletons--some viciously dismissive, most confidently critical, and a few semi-reverent--such contemporary avant-gardists as Lynne Tillman, Ron Sukenick, Lance Olsen, and Sparrow reexamine the literary myth-making of the writers who rolled "along the highway of dreams," as Tillman puts it in the voice of Kerouac, feeling "the cool American breeze rush crazily over my American skin.
Assael and his fellow painters, like the poets, architects, and composers they joined in March at The Kitchen, are harbingers of a new cultural development: They represent the emergence of a third front in the nation's long-waged culture wars - one that its adherents hope will render the rigidly polarized debate between right-wing conservatives and left-wing avant-gardists defunct.
One of Brazil's pioneering avant-gardists, de Barros rose to prominence in the 1950s.
outsourcing of torture is nothing particularly new; throughout the collection, hapless avant-gardists continually rub up against the victims of state-inflicted agonies, hooded, scarred, burned.