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Synonyms for avant-garde

Synonyms for avant-garde

any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

radically new or original


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Instead of disjoining the work from the praxis of life, the avant-gardist purpose is the sublation of art into the praxis of life.
Instead, the split between "modern" and "pre-modern" Chinese poetry gets mirrored in Anglophone poetries, and a historical divergence is inscribed as a matter of taste (the avant-gardists like the "contemporary," while readers of the "Unmarked Case" like the "classical").
Similarly, his notion that Asian American poetics was constituted by a contentious avant-garde rather than by isolated lyric geniuses complicates the individualist identitarian priorities of most readers of this body of verse, priorities that, as Yu points out, potentially narrow our understanding much further than this comparison to "marginalized" white avant-gardists.
In the first of two articles representative of interdisciplinary studies, Timothee Picard follows up Mattiussi's German connection and notion of the interdependence of avant-garde and arriere-garde with a discussion of Wagner and the ambivalent nature of his operatic Gesamtkunstwerk as being both forward-and backward-looking, thus inspiring the admiration of avant-gardists and reactionaries alike; while Jean-Pierre Esquenazi takes Truffaut to task for what he sees as the young avant-garde director's unjustifiable criticisms of post-World War 2 French cinema (in particular in his January 1954 article in Les Cahiers du Cinema, 'Une certaine tendance du cinema francais') as being conformist, escapist and pessimistic; in other words 'arriere-gardist'.
Here we saw afresh the close readings and misprisions that Weber and kindred early American avant-gardists explored in order to mark a distance from, and homage to, their European forebear.
LOS ANGELES: Contemporary avant-gardists are swooping down to Hollywoodland this month, thanks to UCLA Live Fifth International Theatre Festival.
His effeminacy was incompatible with that of the avant-gardists of Greenwich Village--he remained too undeniably gay and working class to be accepted within bohemian society.
Since then retro-jazz has become more fashionable and Hamilton has stuck with it, persuading even the avant-gardists that he had a right to stand tall in the contemporary jazz world be virtue of his exemplary musicianship.
With respect to this ambiguity of intention between parody and pastiche, the New York poets, often cited as neo-Avant-garde heralds of postmodern developments, illustrate the sometimes critical, sometimes disengaged, attitudes of various avant-gardists with respect to history.
In chapter seven, "Nanni Balestrini and the Invisibility of the Poetic 'I,'" Picchione discusses the work in concrete and electronic poetry of the most radical of all avant-gardists, Balestrini.
The final two chapters (on Howe and Mullen), focus on the "inheritance among feminist avant-gardists .
To the degree that various avant-gardists sought or claimed inspiration from or kinship to existing (or once extant) cultures, these cultures tended to be somewhere else and/or to have existed at some other time.
This really was a shared experience, no more just for avant-gardists than it was for foodies.
While the influence of the abovementioned creative forces is acknowledged by traditionalists and avant-gardists alike, what makes this volume unique is the probing manner in which the contributors connect with and/or analyze the meaning and significance of their heritage.
A fixture on the downtown New York arts scene for the past 20 years, Anderson has enjoyed an unusual degree of commercial success among avant-gardists.