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Synonyms for avant-garde

Synonyms for avant-garde

any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

radically new or original


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Whether dealing with fashion, music, language, colonialism, contemporary immigration policies, gender relations, masculinity, or globalization, Alain Mabanckou's work can be qualified by a broad spectrum of avant-gardist qualities: linguistic experimentation (whole novels without punctuation), dismemberment of syntax, playfulness, humor, the combination of genres and registers, remapping in the process the parameters of literature, creating a world--the world according to Alain Mabanckou, in which Le monde est mon langage (The world is my language), the title of a new book of essays published by Editions Grasset in 2016.
From an avant-gardist standpoint, we can see how the artificial (that is, the film) connects with life (the meaning produced by the spectator) in the space opened between two shots.
And while her translations do not read as particularly avant-gardist today, consider her translation of Li Bai's "Ye si" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
So this whole thing may be confusing but once we understood its underlying implication, we appreciate the power of Perloff's avant-gardist sensibility infused with a new notion of genius.
The term itself, which had first appeared in print in June 1914, in the last pre-publication advertising for Blest, was adopted as a merely provisional tag in response to the quintessential avant-gardist need to assert a distinct group identity and so avoid being subsumed within that of a perceived rival (in this case Futurism).
I was recently asked for the buzz on Samitaur Tower, the latest project in Culver City by one-time avant-gardist, now head of SCI-Arc, architect Eric Owen Moss.
Summary: Damas, leading retailer of stylish jewellery and watches in the Middle East, launches Symphony -- an amazing complication watch by the avant-gardist and atypical brand Hysek.
early) avant-gardist," as a floklorist, a modernist and a realist, but then Katz proceeds to find new methods by which to understand the composer's music.
Thus, the new GDR opera was to oppose a musical avant-gardist modernism and to promote specifically anti-fascism and anti-cosmopolitanism through the infiltration of music as a carrier of symbols of social stratifications.
This hardly merits the name of satire, for the lineaments of the arraigned avant-gardist are vague where they should be savagely ad hominem, and "the real" is abstract where it must be abrasive--indeed if the avant-gardist is an "impinger" that's more that can be said of "the real.
In a message extended to the president's wife, participants expressed satisfaction at the important gains and achievements carried out for the benefit of the disabled in Tunisia, hailing in this regard the avant-gardist role of "Basma" association for the promotion of disabled employment.
Where "Zones of Contact," Charles Merewether's 2006 Biennale of Sydney, was admirably global in its outlook and explicitly concerned with the effects of globalization, the artist list from Christov-Bakargiev's edition is unapologetically Euro-American, contextualized by a "constellation" of historical works drawn almost exclusively from the avant-gardist and neo-avantgardist canon.
Does it make sense, then, to see in Coetzee either a reactionary avant-gardist or an avant-garde reactionary?
international repute as an avant-gardist for his later work, in which he