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Synonyms for avant-garde

Synonyms for avant-garde

any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

radically new or original


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From an avant-gardist standpoint, we can see how the artificial (that is, the film) connects with life (the meaning produced by the spectator) in the space opened between two shots.
Perloff's Unoriginal Genius in its conceptualist and avant-gardist vein is a crusade against such tendency in contemporary poetics.
Also, like other avant-gardists, this dissatisfaction with bourgeois artistic values is coupled with a rejection of bourgeois social and political institutions; this is evident when in What Fuckan Theory the resistance of meaning in language because it serves as a control spills into a prayer "that th imperial fors dissolvs in brotherly nd sisterly love" and later an admonition that North America is becoming increasingly fascist despite the presence of "liberals" (np).
Summary: Damas, leading retailer of stylish jewellery and watches in the Middle East, launches Symphony -- an amazing complication watch by the avant-gardist and atypical brand Hysek.
early) avant-gardist," as a floklorist, a modernist and a realist, but then Katz proceeds to find new methods by which to understand the composer's music.
In a message extended to the president's wife, participants expressed satisfaction at the important gains and achievements carried out for the benefit of the disabled in Tunisia, hailing in this regard the avant-gardist role of "Basma" association for the promotion of disabled employment.
Where "Zones of Contact," Charles Merewether's 2006 Biennale of Sydney, was admirably global in its outlook and explicitly concerned with the effects of globalization, the artist list from Christov-Bakargiev's edition is unapologetically Euro-American, contextualized by a "constellation" of historical works drawn almost exclusively from the avant-gardist and neo-avantgardist canon.
international repute as an avant-gardist for his later work, in which he
Instead he "closes" the avant-gardist project and renders it historical.
The film extends that aesthetic to the labour of filmmaking itself, in its artfully constructed and rhymed images, in the sheer difficulty of capturing this material teetering on the edge of the volcano or trudging through the blood and guts, in a superb musical score by the jazz avant-gardist John Zorn, modulated with sounds of the nations visited.
1) In this way, intention and method, as Said has elaborated on them with respect to the modern intellectual, explain the activity and attitude of the avant-gardist despite the anti-intellectual veneer of his or her more outrageous gestures.
The debate that animated the pages of Il menabo prompted the editors of Il Verri to organize a gathering in Palermo from which would emerge a full-blown discussion of the most important issues associated with the neoavanguardia, now solidified in Gruppo '63: linguistic experimentation and socio-political commitment, autonomy and heteronomy of art in late-capitalism, the role of the reader, the effective possibilities of the avant-gardist project, and so on.
Currin is important philosophically for calling the bluff of postmodern theorists who reject myths of progress in art while maintaining avant-gardist postures that lean on those myths.
Holappa was a European avant-gardist, a French modernist.
Do you consider yourself an avant-gardist, a mixture of surrealism and realism, what?