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Synonyms for avant-garde

Synonyms for avant-garde

any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

radically new or original


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Contributors from a variety of humanities consider European modernism and avant-gardes from the perspectives of the intersections of science, technology, and art; other forms of knowledge; and inquiries into the history of the avant-gardes and modernism.
First published in 1908 with a modernista (3) bent, the journal Prometeo was not always linked with the avant-garde; (4) but in 1909, the journal made a radical endorsement of the new aesthetics of Italian Futurism, one of the originators of the global avant-gardes.
I seek to illustrate the avant-garde ethic at the heart of their works by showing that both artists problematize the concept of individual creation through disruptions and repetitions.
The chapter on Cage considers the 1952 untitled piece primarily as an occasion to define a "distinctly American" and "affirmative" (69) vanguardism which, unlike the mostly anti-academic and anti-institutional European avant-gardes, thrived in John Dewey-influenced, counter-cultural academic institutions like Black Mountain College and the New School.
Regarding the popular; modernism, the avant-garde, and high and low culture.
With chapter four, Antidiets breaks into the postwar period with its study of Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri's Eat Art from the late sixties and its incorporation of the historical avant-garde.
He insists on the fact that Manganelli was not only a visionary writer, but also a promotor of the avant-garde while standing on the sidelines of the movement.
The Czech Interwar avant-garde represents one of the most striking and distinctive periods in Czech music.
While his book Race and the Avant-Garde does not challenge as fully as it could the problematic exclusion of ethnic writers from discussions of poetic innovation, it does beautifully complicate what the avant-garde means.
But we also need to look at those avant-gardes like say the Afrikaner Broederbond, the secret society that helped create the Apartheid system in South Africa, or the paramilitary death squads in Brazil, right?
Does it make sense, then, to see in Coetzee either a reactionary avant-gardist or an avant-garde reactionary?
This article examines the interconnections between Said's critical oeuvre and a range of theoretical positions apropos of the European and American Avant-gardes.
The ambitious, densely packed Antologia de la poesia latinoamericana de vanguardia (1916-1935) presents a sampling of both the various Spanish American avant-gardes and contemporary Brazilian modernismo.
Visions of Violence: German Avant-Gardes after Fascism.
The essays are organized into sections devoted to general theoretical and historiographical issues; the way ideas of "Europe" circulated in the avant-gardes and modernism; how older forms of European identity informed modernists and avant-gardists; and how "Europe" was related to other continents in the avant-garde and modernism and how experimental cultural producers from non-European regions understood "Europe.