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There are many questions about a protein reagent that should be addressed by documents provided with commercially available proteins, but they are not.
One of the challenges for fish-feed manufacturers is to procure ingredients that contain enough available protein to meet the dietary needs of fish.
With Maxipro HSP, our radically new enzyme solution, the industry is able to capture the nutritional and commercial value of blood side streams by recovering all the available protein, enabling a more sustainable production of processed meat products", commented Cindy Gerhardt, Innovation Manager, Enzymes at DSM Food Specialties.
The crude protein intake and nitrogen retention pattern indicate available protein ranging between 2.
Mr Lochner told Feedinfo News Service that for the first time in 40 years, forecasters predict a reduction of available protein (chicken, beef, pork and turkey) in two consecutive years.
The first protein that people add to their diet as their incomes improve is eggs, the second is poultry meat, and they do this because these are the most affordable and readily available protein sources around the world.