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By acquiring data from a sample using the 4700 system, and automatically searching the results against available protein databases, the system not only assigns a protein identification, but also executes automatic reanalysis of the sample to derive definitive identification, and analyzes additional proteins in the same sample to obtain more comprehensive information.
a biotechnology company committed to developing the finest computational drug discovery platforms, has deposited a high-resolution 3-dimensional structural model of the protease enzyme from the Coronavirus that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) into the publicly available Protein Data Bank (PDB).
We're extremely excited about this recent technical advancement which further bolsters our position as the only company with commercially available protein biochips," commented William E.
Wu has led the development of the Protein Information Resource (PIR) database - the world's largest publicly available protein sequence database.
The proceeds will also be used to complete GeneFormatics' protein structure-function database based on publicly available protein sequences.
For a menu of available Protein Design Labs press releases or to retrieve a specific release, call 800-758-5804, ext.