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a plant hormone that promotes root formation and bud growth

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In some cases, a decrease in auxin concentrations of soils inoculated with some rhizobacteria was observed.
The auxin study was conducted on a plant called Arabidopsis, the first for which the entire genome has been sequenced.
In an actively growing stem, the concentration of auxin in the tip (or apex) is so great that it can inhibit the growth of buds and shoots beneath it.
ARS scientists inserted an antisense copy of a specific gene from corn into a tomato to turn this gene off and lower auxin levels.
Auxin causes a tomato to grow and ripen, according to ARS plant physiologist Jerry D.
An auxin response factor gene was highly expressed at middle stem developmental stage in D (T4-57859, Figure 2j).
Indole butyric acid (IBA) is a plant growth hormone among the auxin family and is used in many horticultural plants for root induction.
Different Rhizobium species were isolated and screened out for their auxin production potential and root / shoot elongation assay was carried out.
2011) indicated that the in vitro culture of the MD gold cultivar in the presence of salt is more efficient when associated with the application of an auxin (naphthaleneacetic acid--NAA) and a cytokinin (6-benzylaminopurine--BAP) to the culture medium, ensuring growth maintenance, increasing the number of leaves, producing new buds and accelerating the rooting process.
Gibberellins regulate lateral root formation in populus through interactions with auxin and other hormones.
Auxins play an important role in fruit set and growth, and the genes related to the biosynthesis, transport and response of auxin are associated with fruit development.
Auxin plays, together with abscisic acid (ABA), a pivotal role in root growth and development and regulates aquaporins during lateral root formation (LRF).
His party included two experienced business coaches - David Anderson of Auxin Group, and Peter Kerr of 8020 Consultants along with their client Dr Olusola Idowa of Newcastle-based skin care specialist Hexis Labs.