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a verb that combines with another verb in a verb phrase to help form tense, mood, voice, or condition of the verb it combines with

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In Chapter 1 Anderson introduces a number of complex predicate constructions that resemble auxiliary verb constructions, but there is comparatively little data to illustrate these types and their resemblance to auxiliary verb constructions.
Learning to use the passato prossimo involves the following operations which are not always easy: (a) building the past participle of a given verb; (b) deciding which of the two auxiliary verbs must be used; and (c) deciding which agreement rules to apply.
Its role as an auxiliary verb is a function of its lexical nature.
In addition, Sylvia uses the completive done instead of had as an auxiliary verb in sentences like "Sugar done swiped her mama's lipstick, so we ready" (89).
A successful undertaking was the retention of the negative auxiliary verb.
Auxiliary verbs and the absence of declarative morphemes were not found encoding polar interrogation in the Uralic languages included in this survey.
In German the eventive passive (Vorgangspassiv) consists of a past participle and the auxiliary verb werden 'become'.
indicate the survival of this form into the southern subfamily: the auxiliary verb *man 'be' is inflected for the non-past tense and a personal ending while the main verb is inflected for the past tense plus a personal ending congruent with the auxiliary's.
Well, practitioners lose to be as an auxiliary verb, to indicated existence and to create metaphors.
1995), van Hout's results showed that all children made the appropriate distinction between the two classes of verbs by choosing the correct auxiliary verb.
As an auxiliary verb, "to be" puts other verbs into the progressive mode ("I am walking", "I was running").
On the other hand, it is reasonable to suppose that the primary Uralic negative auxiliary verb was front--vocal (?
In Chapter 12 "'That one not working, see': problems with auxiliary verb processing," the reader is walked through a number of analyses which eventually pinpoint the problems of the specific child--her inconsistent use and substitutions, but reliable use in elliptical responses (cf.
The problem of do-support and other auxiliary verb structures do not fit conveniently into this framework.
94, QR 257: Even in Sogdian several intransitive verbs are known to construe with the auxiliary verb [delta]r in the preterite, cf 1.