auxiliary storage

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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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The most successful auxiliary storage device is the USB flash drive.
The box features a paper dispenser and auxiliary storage compartments for scissors, pens, a ribbon dispenser and a tape dispenser.
Besides primary data storage, the company offers auxiliary storage services, such as backup and disaster recovery with tape or optical archiving, and remote mirroring and clustering of data and servers.
Some of the auxiliary storage devices can do more than just provide a convenient place to pack away data.
Today, you can find in almost any computer dictionary both the "fancy name" auxiliary storage as well as several pages of virtual this and virtual that.
using a flatbed scanner to scan articles and save them in an auxiliary storage media, get a printout from the receiving computer, and send printed copies which are better than faxed ones; the method is cost effective in saving funds for ordering thermal papers
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