auxiliary pump

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a supplementary pump available if needed


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The furnaces are on an Evapco closed loop cooling system that includes one auxiliary pump and one that will inject city water into the system in the event of an emergency.
The L-3 ISG will be an integral component of the hydro-mechanical power transmission (HMPT), providing all needed vehicle electrical power, as well as the transmission disconnect clutch and auxiliary pump drive system.
5mm needle available separately), and paints with the enclosed 2mm needle from the standard gun/cup configuration or latex paint directly from the gallon can, utilizing an onboard auxiliary pump that pushes the paint up to the gun.
The MegaShear Inline High Shear Mixer combines high flow rates--up to 500 gpm without an auxiliary pump, high tip speeds--up to 18,000 fpm, and ultra high shear rates, all in a single pass.
fluid course for mud flow of up to 400 gpm with an auxiliary pump attached.
Their objective was to design and model an auxiliary pump that can be inserted directly into the left ventricle of damaged hearts.
However, as occasionally happens during initial test conditions, an auxiliary pump used to transfer the output of the Voraxial to a holding tank was compromised and unable to deliver more than a small percentage of the Voraxial's total output.
The main pump house accommodates three huge centrifugal pumps and 18 auxiliary pumps for cooling, lubrication of the main pumps and drainage.
2 auxiliary pumps ensured the transfer of water towards the cooling tower and the vacuum pumps completed the equipment for this vacuum unit.
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