auxiliary operation

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a operation performed by off-line equipment not under the control of the central processing unit

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Therefore, the major revenue variables are state appropriations from the legislature, tuition revenue based on enrollment, contracts and grants, auxiliary operations, and other.
The left bottom button defaults to a primary function, the bottom right button defaults to a secondary function, and the upper two buttons are paired to offer auxiliary operation on either the left or right side of the pad.
Synchronous generators (2 x a 1~750 kVA), excitation and auxiliary operation, asynchronous (x 1, 240 kVA) -3.
The UO would borrow the money from reserves maintained by auxiliary operations such as housing.
The achievement demonstrates a high degree of proficiency and advanced knowledge in all areas of auxiliary operations and administration, including seamanship, navigation, communications, search and rescue, patrols and weather.
Usage of steadies on a lathe demands more time for auxiliary operations, steadies and detail resetting therefore there is no place for automation of turning accuracy control.
The standard unit is also designed with field proven pipe handling with remote hydraulic crane, adjustable torque limiter for rotary and makeup force, adjustable force limiter for thrust and pullback, rear downrigger-style hydraulic thrust stabilizer, a wrench/clamp that can be repositioned within 60 inches for convenient makeup and breakout, and independent controls and hydraulic circuits for thrust/pullback torque and auxiliary operations permits simultaneous full power usage.
It really puts a heavy emphasis on our need to meet students' needs," says Cam Schauf, director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations.
The compact design leaves room in three directions to coordinate additional automated auxiliary operations.
Almost $100 million of the budget came from auxiliary operations, which include entertainment and sporting events, housing and food services, the student health center, and publishing enterprises.
Also, a large portion of the total budget for higher education is from auxiliary operations such as student housing or from federal funds for research and a variety of special programs, which are not tied to the general operating budget.
As a selector valve, the SV12-60 is well suited for function selection applications on construction, agricultural and material handling equipment requiring support-tool and auxiliary operations on boom-end, masts, or hydraulic PTO ports.
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