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(nautical) a small engine (as one used on board ships to operate a windlass)

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Powered by the 8000 hp auxiliary engine, the dredge pump drive is linked by a pneumatically actuated clutch/coupling combination that allows the pump to be connected or disconnected rapidly as dredging progresses.
That's one idea from Belfast-based B9 Shipping, which is working on a 21st-century version of the clipper, with three masts and a Rolls-Royce auxiliary engine, powered by natural gas.
masts, augmented by a 325 hp Caterpillar 3208 auxiliary engine, a pair of newly constructed 80 ft.
Fabco's new Split Shaft Power Take Offs (PTOs) eliminate the need for an auxiliary engine, while Fabco by Sisu's 58,000 and 70,000-lb tandem drive truck axles have been updated to allow for higher torque and load.
Main engines and electric motors, pumps and other mechanisms of the tanker were overhauled, auxiliary engine was replaced with a new one, and the electrical equipment was adjusted during the overhaul, according to the message.
Tenders are invited for Supply of spares for auxiliary engine n turbocharger
the water pump shall operate independent of the vacuum system and an auxiliary engine (or by chassis engine) may power the vacuum system or the water pump.
The order, which was received in March, comprises four Wartsila 46F main engines and three Wartsila Auxpac 20 auxiliary engine generating sets.
Agricultural snowblowers are powered by the PTO shaft on a tractor while the industrial snowblower has an auxiliary engine.
Tenders are invited for Supply of vishva vikas auxiliary engine, main engine, pump spares
The vessel would have three diesel-electric Wartsila 38 main engines and one Wartsila 20 auxiliary engine.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) For Auxiliary Engine Kirloskar Diesel Engine Model Ha 294 Two Cylinder In Series , Air Cooled , Exhaust Turbo Charger Fitted In 140 Ton Gottwald Make New Design Breakdown Crane No.
Tenders are invited for Vishva Bandhan Auxiliary Engine And Shin Shin Pump
Tenders are invited for Vishva Diksha Auxiliary Engine And Shin Shin Pump
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