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a terrorist cell responsible for logistics

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At the adherence zone of the auxiliary cells and vitellogenic oocyte, lipid droplets surrounded by the myelin figures, several vacuoles and a small number of myelin figures appeared in the cytoplasm of the auxiliary cell, indicative of membrane breakdown, as seen in Mytilus edulis (Pipe 1987).
oocyte and the auxiliary cell, indicating nutrient transfer.
The auxiliary cells function as nutritive cells in the formation and development of the previtellogenic and early vitellogenic oocytes in their early stages.
At this stage, auxiliary cells migrated from the periphery of the follicle, establishing an intimate contact with the previtellogenic oocytes.
Previtellogenic oocytes of 15-25 [micro]m in diameter formed an egg-stalk attached to the follicle wall, and many attached auxiliary cells and undifferentiated mesenchymal cells appeared at this stage (Fig.
The opening of the car door jostles the ball, generating a voltage that is amplified and relayed from the auxiliary cells to the starter cells.
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