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(nautical) an extra boiler (as a ship's boiler that is used while the ship is in port)

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Moreover, Al Tayer said: "The second quarter of the present year will see the commissioning of four gas turbines, two auxiliary boilers and one steam turbine, in addition to the units which were put into service last year.
B&W's extended scope with Black Hills Generation includes all auxiliary boiler island equipment, the turbine-generator, all turbine island equipment, air-cooled condenser, coal and ash handling systems, and the plant control system.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Spare for auxiliary boiler
Under the new contract, KBR will provide engineering design, procurement and installation support services for a new auxiliary boiler and a reformer convection section for the ammonia plant, which was originally built in the 1980s, utilising KBR's ammonia technology.
The project will utilize a GE Frame 7FA combustion turbine, a Nooter/Eriksen HRSG, a GE steam turbine and a Cerrey auxiliary boiler and will be built by Gilbert Industrial Corporation (Gilbert) (under a Kiewit Construction Group, Inc.
Tenders are invited for Execution of on line leak sealing jobs in fg boiler auxiliary boiler and syn gas boiler in amm ii plant
Tenders are invited for Erection, Alignment, Welding, Testing, Painting, Commissioning, Trial Operation and handing over of Main Boiler Structure & Auxiliary Boiler Structure including Lift Structure etc.
The Unit 3 boiler operates on natural gas as a back-up to the auxiliary boiler.
Tenders are invited for Erection, Testing And Commissioning Of Main Boiler And Auxiliary Boiler Structure Involving The Work Of Collection And Transportation Of Materials From Clients Store/ Storage Yard To Erection Site
As a result of an auxiliary boiler failure there has been one chargeable interruption of steam supply resulting in a damages claim of $56,000.
Tenders are invited for for Erection, Alignment, welding Titling, Painting, Commissioning, Trial Operation and handing over of Boiler Pressure Part, Non Pressure Part & Auxiliary Boiler etc.
Tenders are invited for Overhauling of both port and starboard auxiliary boiler make m/s energypack onboard ins chennai
The biomass boiler comprises a biomass boiler with a capacity of 1,670 kw and an auxiliary boiler with two gas boilers of 1,800 kw and 1,000 kw.
i) i) Rectification of attemperator line leakage of Auxiliary boiler.
Tenders are invited for Erection, Alignment, welding Testing, Painting, Commissioning, Trial Operation and handing over of Main Boiler & Auxiliary Boiler Structure including Bunker, Platform, Lift Structure etc complete in all respect of unit, (Stage III) 1 X 800 MW.
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