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Synonyms for auxiliary

Synonyms for auxiliary

giving or able to give help or support

a person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities

Synonyms for auxiliary

someone who acts as assistant

functioning in a supporting capacity

furnishing added support

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With auxiliaries, steam turbine & auxiliaries; turbo-generator & auxiliaries; pumps with aux.
They cover dummy auxiliaries in monolingual first language acquisitions, simultaneous and successive child bilingualism, adult second language acquisition, and broader perspectives on dummy auxiliaries.
Cleveland Fire Brigade has been training batches of auxiliaries at Grangetown fire station.
In Chapter 1 Anderson points out that the same element may occur in a single language and synchronic state as bound element, auxiliary and lexical verb, thus indicating a clear diachronic relationship between present auxiliaries and former verbs.
Thus, activists in the railroad brotherhoods, together with the wives and sisters of organized railwaymen based in the women's auxiliaries, turned their attention to the problem of masculine intemperance.
Tackling the subject of volunteer auxiliaries is perilous.
China's demand for Textile Auxiliaries has grown at a fast pace in the past decade.
At present, the two hit rubber auxiliary products, antioxidant and accelerant, collectively make up over 70% in China rubber auxiliary market, while others including insoluble sulfur, processing aids and bonding system auxiliaries stand at less than 30% market share.
package-b erection, testing, commissioning etc of steam turbine and auxiliaries, generator and auxiliaries , pumps, piping, misc.
Although most of the demand for small auxiliaries is to accompany small injection machines, extrusion also accounts for a share.
turbines with relevant auxiliaries, gearboxes, synchronous
of Hunkar Laboratories, agrees: "Real-time monitoring of auxiliaries and secondary processes can tell you a lot about your operation that you wouldn't notice otherwise.
In the year 2000-2001, service hours of more than 24,000 members of 108 chapters, 91 adult auxiliaries, 39 ASSISTEENS(R) auxiliaries and 7 guilds totaled more than 3 million, and approximately $27 million was returned to the respective communities through diverse philanthropic projects.
Tenders are invited for Package-1- erection, testing, commissioning etc of steam turbine and auxiliaries, generator and auxiliaries, pumps, piping, misc equipments for 1x250 mw unit -8 along with the common system for both unit-8 - 9 and erection ,testing commissioning, handing over of air conditioning system package for 2x250 mw barauni extension project, unit - 8 - 9 at begusarai ,bihar.
At present, the Asia-Pacific region is already the world's largest producing area of printing and dyeing auxiliaries.