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growth from increase in cell size without cell division

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3, most closely resembled the powder used successfully to produce auxetic UHMWPE.
While most materials get thinner when stretched and "fatter" when compressed, auxetic materials do the opposite, they become fatter when stretched, and thinner when compressed.
The wrap angle is adjusted to adjust the auxetic properties.
As a result of possessing a negative Poisson's ratio, certain properties are predicted from classical elasticity theory to be enhanced in auxetic materials (18).
Sensors incorporated within materials with auxetic properties is another speciality smart application which a team of researchers is attempting to take beyond the theoretical.
Specific topics include the electrophoretic deposition of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on ceramic membranes, compressive properties of solid and porous parts made from high-strength steel alloys by direct metal deposition, measuring the thickness of a liquid film around a horizontal tube bundle by an optical technique in order to optimize the design and manufacture of an evaporator, a scheduling model for vehicles picking up fresh agricultural products with uncertain demands, and auxetic plates on auxetic foundations.
Patent 7,858,055 (December 28, 2010), "Moisture Sensitive Auxetic Material," WanDuk Lee, SangSoo Lee, CholWoh Koh, and Jin Heo (Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
Presentations will consider composites and magnesium plate, the use of carbon nanotubes and ceramics, the ballistic performance of titanium, multifunctional uses of auxetic materials, the European Defence Agency's European protective individual defence armour project, and a systematic approach to armour development using Triz.
Auxetic materials [1, 2] are those which when stretched expand rather than contract in width.
Auxetic materials laterally expand under uniaxial tension or laterally shrink under uniaxial compression.
Synthetic auxetic materials have been fabricated since 1987 [1] when Lakes produced a polymeric foam with a negative Poisson's ratio, [nu].
Recent publications have detailed how auxetic (negative Poisson's ratio) polymers have been fabricated by a novel thermal processing route consisting of three well-defined stages--compaction, sintering and extrusion.
A highly fibrillar auxetic form of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) has been fabricated by using a powder processing route comprising two stages--sintering and extrusion.