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growth from increase in cell size without cell division

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Auxesis, even more strictly a term antithetical to meiosis, entails a heightening of language, and Carlin ridicules its use in the social arena.
If one examines other specimens of Homeric encomia or even works which are not formally encomia but contain encomiastic elements one can see the general strategies that Dio had available to him (amplification, auxesis, of the topic of praise introduced at the beginning of the speech).
I very much liked the note on line 15 ("When they shall bow, and kneel, and fall down flat"), with its reference to a High Anglican practice which will be unfamiliar to many readers, and its illuminating invocation of Brian Vickers citing the line as an instance of the rhetorical feature of auxesis, words arranged in ascending order of importance.
Taylor, on the other hand, prefers to see bomphiologia as a kind of hyperbole similar to auxesis (79-80).