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growth from increase in cell size without cell division

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The aim is to classify the hyperbolic items present in our data into auxesis or meiosis, according to the extreme of the scale they occupy: upper or lower end along the continuum of some relevant dimension, in order to determine the patterns of use of this figure in discourse.
Thus, two kinds of hyperbole are identified by Smith (1657: 55): auxesis and meiosis, that is, the exaggerated intensification, expanding or enlarging of an entity and the exaggerated reduction or attenuation of it, respectively.
In order to determine common patterns for auxesis and meiosis a semantic classification proved useful.
The distribution of auxesis and meiosis in our data seems to suggest that by far speakers tend to overstate or upscale rather than downscale reality.
The table shows an overwhelming presence of auxesis (80%) over meiosis.
A possible explanation for this fondness of auxesis points to the evaluative dimension of hyperbole.
7% of hyperbolic items in our data, is the most productive technique in the creation of auxesis.
I very much liked the note on line 15 ("When they shall bow, and kneel, and fall down flat"), with its reference to a High Anglican practice which will be unfamiliar to many readers, and its illuminating invocation of Brian Vickers citing the line as an instance of the rhetorical feature of auxesis, words arranged in ascending order of importance.
Taylor, on the other hand, prefers to see bomphiologia as a kind of hyperbole similar to auxesis (79-80).