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And, for those mini-Marthas that need to create spectacular centerpieces and positively perfect place-settings right down to the autumnally festooned napkin rings, the house can be abuzz with arts and crafts before Election Day ends.
As part of the ECHO Rising Star series, clarinettist Nicolas Baldeyrou is joined by pianist Vahan Mardirossian in the composer's Fantasiestucke, preceded by the Introduction andAllegro by Widor (better known as the composer of that Organ Symphony) and followed by Brahms' autumnally lovely E-flat Clarinet Sonata (11am, details of all Symphony Hall events on 0121 780 3333Also on Sunday, an evening trip down to Malvern brings the opportunity of hearing the consistently excellent Chandos Symphony Orchestra at the spa town's Forum Theatre.
It's a shame, because there are some wonderful moments lurking within this beautifully lit autumnally nostalgic end of innocence/coming of age yarn set in smalltown against a backdrop of Cold War paranoia.