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Synonyms for autumn-flowering

of plants that bloom during the autumn

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1 Plant autumn-flowering bulbs such as amaryllis, nerines, colchicums and autumn crocuses.
Prune deciduous autumn-flowering shrubs more than three years old as they finish flowering ?
Prune autumn-flowering deciduous shrubs older than three years as they finish flowering.
Soak and plant autumn-flowering anemones including Anemone coronaria.
Feed butterflies before they go into hibernation by planting nectar-rich, autumn-flowering Michaelmas daisies and ice plants or Sedum Autumn Joy.
FOR a sensational blaze of pink in the border, grab a great deal on autumn-flowering cyclamen.
n Divide and replant waterside plants such as astilbes and trollius Prune autumn-flowering deciduous shrubs over three years old as they finish flowering.
MOST people will have heard of the autumn-flowering crocus.
These autumn-flowering bulbs thrive in dry, sunny situations, but hate wet weather, which will rot them.
Bedding plants can be replaced with autumn-flowering varieties - I'm thinking of polyanthus, winter-flowering pansies and primulas, just for starters.
Plant autumn-flowering bulbs including Nerine bowdenii and colchicums.
Prune autumn-flowering shrubs over 3 years old as they finish flowering.
Plant autumn-flowering nerine, colchicums and crocus in patio containers and at the front of shrub borders.
gt;LIFT and divide congested clumps of autumn-flowering bulbs and replant in a well-prepared piece of ground, discarding any bulbs which appear damaged or diseased.
These autumn-flowering bulbs, which bloom into November, have long, thin, pointed buds which rise up on green stems and explode into lollipops of sugar pink flowers, making a striking addition to warm borders or patio pots.