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Synonyms for autumn-flowering

of plants that bloom during the autumn

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Most autumn-flowering gentians are hybrids whose origins are in the Far East, where they grow on the high plains of the Himalayas, South-west China and Tibet.
Plant autumn-flowering bulbs including Nerine bowdenii and colchicums.
Prune deciduous autumn-flowering shrubs more than three years old as they finish flowering ?
FOR a sensational blaze of pink in the border, grab a great deal on autumn-flowering cyclamen.
These autumn-flowering bulbs thrive in dry, sunny situations, but hate wet weather, which will rot them.
Cut back autumn-flowering Chrysanthemums hard as they go out of bloom, placing them nearer the light to encourage formation of sturdy shoots for cutting later on.
Bedding plants can be replaced with autumn-flowering varieties - I'm thinking of polyanthus, winter-flowering pansies and primulas, just for starters.
Soak and plant autumn-flowering anemones including Anemone coronaria.
Feed butterflies before they go into hibernation by planting nectar-rich, autumn-flowering Michaelmas daisies and ice plants or Sedum Autumn Joy.
n Divide and replant waterside plants such as astilbes and trollius Prune autumn-flowering deciduous shrubs over three years old as they finish flowering.
MOST people will have heard of the autumn-flowering crocus.
gt;LIFT and divide congested clumps of autumn-flowering bulbs and replant in a well-prepared piece of ground, discarding any bulbs which appear damaged or diseased.
Divide perennials such as Michael''s daisies and autumn-flowering heleniums to keep them growing well.
Prune autumn-flowering shrubs over 3 years old as they finish flowering.
Plant autumn-flowering nerine, colchicums and crocus in patio containers and at the front of shrub borders.