autumn crocus

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bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowers

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On the far side of the clearing Stefanie picks an autumn crocus and arranges it in a bouquet of wild flowers.
Iris rhizomes and autumn crocus (Colchicum) corms are in nurseries now.
Planted in autumn, the spring-flowering varieties form small tight clumps which can be lifted and divided every three to four years, as should autumn crocus planted in late summer.
6 Colchicum and autumn crocus should be planted in the ground as soon as they are available to buy in the garden centre.
Monkshood rubs shoulders with hemlock, foxgloves, aquilegia, autumn crocus (colchicum autumnale), laburnum and hellebores.
Don't confuse this with Colchicum, often called autumn crocus or naked ladies.
The drug, based on colchicine, an extract from the autumn crocus, is at an early stage of development, and has so far been tested only on mice.
The drug, derived from the autumn crocus, is designed to "detonate" and become active only after reaching a target tumour.
In meadows, camassias and fritillaries poke their heads out beyond longer grass, while later in the year autumn crocus bloom under trees when everything else has faded.
A These are autumn crocus or Colchicums which you plant now and will flower in September/October.
Plan ahead for next year and for this year try autumn crocus and saffron crocus.
Plant the corms of autumn crocus and their varieties and hybrids as soon as they are available.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Colchicum When all else in the garden is looking a bit dishevelled, the autumn crocus pops up to give us a much needed splash of colour.
We also get autumn crocus - just general mixed borders with a nice mixture of evergreen and deciduous shrubs.