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plant capable of synthesizing its own food from simple organic substances

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On the other hand, this contrasted with the general positive relationship between higher nutrient levels and the net aquatic autotrophy (Duarte and Agusti, 1998; Biddanda et al.
Although giant clams rely greatly on autotrophy as the major source of carbon, heterotrophy is also important to the total energy needed by the clam for respiration and growth (Klumpp et al.
Coral nutrition involves host heterotrophy and symbiont autotrophy.
Transformation of a tundra river from heterotrophy to autotrophy by addition of phosphorus.
High frequency metabolism study in a large and shallow temperate lake revealed seasonal switching between net autotrophy and net heterotrophy.
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2006) and perhaps in the capacity for autotrophy through the accommodation of additional Symbiodinium within holobiont tissues (Jones and Yellowlees, 1997; Thornhill et al.
stages F3 and 4 in relation to the gradual increase in autotrophy.
The GPP:R ratio is a measure of the proportional autotrophy or heterotrophy of a system, with 1.