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plant capable of synthesizing its own food from simple organic substances

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Microalgae cultivation is very simple, can grow autotrophically using inorganic carbon and solar energy to produce lipid.
During daylight, corals receive a substantial portion of the photosynthate produced by the endosymbionts living in their gastrodermis (32%-45% in Pocillopora damicornis) (Muscatine and Cernichiari, 1969), which can make up a significant portion of the coral's energy budget--in Porites compressa and Montipora capitata 65%-79% of daily metabolic energy is autotrophically derived (Grottoli et al.
Clostridium thermoaceticum (an acetogenic bacterium) showed the ability to grow autotrophically on C[O.
Once the protocorm has grown to a sufficient size, it produces shoots and subsequently starts to grow autotrophically.
Furthermore, they are extremely metabolically diverse and can obtain energy from a wide array of sources, both autotrophically and heterotrophically.